Get a clear picture of what you actually do with Jonny Cooper

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March 23, 2021

A.J. and his team welcome returning guest Jonny Cooper, the creator of Jonny Hates Marketing. Since Cooper’s first chat in 2018, the demand for coaching, training, and therapy has increased. Supplying these services has also evolved. Listen to Cooper share his insight on business foundations and why you shouldn’t dive into marketing too quickly.

On today’s podcast:

  • What’s new for Jonny – 2:36
  • Jonny Hates Marketing – 3:31
  • Divided by a common language – 6:20
  • How did Jonny start “Jonny Hates Marketing” – 10:00
  • Know what you actually do in your business – 14:30
  • “You haven’t started marketing yet” – 17:08
  • The value of personal brands – 18:07
  • The trend Jonny is excited about right now – 20:06
  • Ikigai – 20:40
  • A brief walk-through of Jonny’s program – 28:30

Key Takeaways:

  • There’s a higher demand for coaching, training, and therapy
  • Client Attraction Blueprint has been selling out since its launch in March 2018
  • Get a clear picture of what you actually do
  • Lay down a business foundation before you start marketing
  • Everyone with a social media account has a personal brand
  • Online business is turning from sensible to mandatory


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