$10.5M Exit- Mitch Russo, Timeslips Corporation

In this episode of Beyond 8 Figures, Steve, Mary & Richard sit down with Mitch Russo founder of Timeslips Corporation  who exited for 10.5 Million dollars.









Listen and find out what Mitch Russo learned as he grew Timeslips from a garage start-up of $10K to a 100 employee company that sold for $10.5 Mil. 


In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard and Mitch discuss:

  • How Timeslips Corp got started and the process for getting it off the ground
  • The importance of PR, Marketing, and Sales in the Technology Business
  • How and why the Timeslips Certified Consultant Program got started
  • Things Mitch learned from Timeslips Corp and how he is using them in his projects now

Key Takeaways:

  • Stay focused on your client’s needs, deliver it better than anyone else and you have to win.
  • Always ask yourself what can you sell next after you’ve made the first sale.
  • Figure out your vision, stay the course, but be willing to adapt.
  • It doesn’t happen the way you think it will. Learn from what didn’t work.

“How can we reinvent what we have to be something better, different, and serve a greater need?” — Mitch Russo


Connect with Mitch Russo:

Website: http://www.MitchRusso.com


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Podcast Reviews

  • Follow your passion
    by Allison's itunes from United States

    Loved it.I loved that it showed that listening to your gut and following your passion works. NOw of his ideas sounded like they would be what I would do but that doesn't matter. they were what he thought was cool and he got it. that was what that mattered. He GOT IT. Everyone else had to catch up. when they did he was there. my mind is now working overtime. where is my husband. i have to talk to him now!