$100M+ Exit – Minnie Ingersoll, Shift

Minnie Ingersoll Exited Shift for $100M+  


Best Advice I Ever Received: Show up, tell the truth, hope for the best  


Best Advice I’d Give To Someone Who Wants To Build A $10m+ Business: Build something people love  


In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard, and Minnie Ingersoll discuss:  

  • The process of raising money as your business grows 
  • The value of a strong team  
  • The future of entrepreneurship and whether working toward a billion-dollar status is worth it 
  • Where the next big opportunities lie   


Key Takeaways:  

  • Show up, tell the truth, hope for the best   
  • People, product, and market- people will invest in the person if you show them your worth the investment 
  • Venture capital when used in the right way can be extremely beneficial for society as a whole 
  • Having a product and customers are vital for investors 


“When there aren’t spreadsheets with years of history to look at, people are looking at people, product, and market.”Minnie Ingersoll  


About Minnie Ingersoll: Partner at TenOneTen actively investing in great teams. We are operators who invest early (pre-seed, seed, seed+) and love working with technical founders who are passionate about what they’re building.  


Prior to TenOneTen, I was founder and COO at Shift, an online marketplace disrupting the $1.2T car industry by providing a better experience for buying and selling used cars. Grew to a $100M+ business and a recent Series D.  


Started my career as an early product manager at Google. In my spare time, I volunteer for city government, surf baby waves, and raise baby people.  



Connect with Minnie Ingersoll:  

Twitter: himinnie   

Website: tenoneten.net    

Email: minnie@tenoneten.net    

Show: la-venture 

LinkedIn: mingersoll 



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