$100M+ Exits and IPOs – Kenneth Aldrich, multiple companies

Kenneth Aldrich Exited and Went Public with Companies for $100M+


Best Advice I Ever Received: Never look at obstacles and barriers to success, but as puzzles to be solved.


Best Advice I’d Give To Someone Who Wants To Build A $10m+ Business: Don’t fall in love with your technology or your business idea; focus on your customer’s needs and be sure your product or service meets those needs.

In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard, and Kenneth discuss:

  • Building a business around biotech from embryonic stages through exit
  • Finding good investments
  • Building out teams and advisory boards
  • How Dream Toolbox got started and who it can best serve


Key Takeaways:

  • Never look at obstacles as barriers to success, but as puzzles to be solved
  • There is no multiple on future hopes
  • The most critical factor to any company starting out is the people running it
  • The greatest technology in the world is worthless unless you have the people to drive it to revenue or to an exit point


“By and large investment opportunities, if you’re known at all as being an investor, will come to you and then it’s a sorting process.”Kenneth Aldrich


About Kenneth Aldrich: Ken Aldrich is an investor in start-up companies, a serial entrepreneur, and the author the Amazon best seller “Dream Toolbox: Building and Entrepreneurial Mind and Financial Abundance”. He was a first round investor in Green Dot Corporation (NYSE:GDOT), the world’s largest provider of prepaid debit cards and related financial services that provided investors a return of more than 100 times their invested capital. Ken was also a Founder, and for several years was Chairman and CEO, of a publicly traded regenerative medicine company and was a Founder of WaveTec Vision Systems, a maker of optical measurement systems used in vision corrective surgery that was eventually sold for 70 times the initial invested capital.

Prior to devoting full time to the investment business, Ken was a real estate developer and property owner in California, Arizona and Texas. He co-developed the first Wind Energy Park in the Palm Springs, California area and co-founded the company that designed and built the first major post-tensioned concrete high-rise building West of the Rocky Mountains, the first such building ever to meet California earthquake standards.

Currently, Ken is a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council for the Harvard Graduate School of Education and creator of DreamToolbox.com, which houses a series of audio blogs dedicated to helping young people realize their entrepreneurial potential.

Ken holds degrees from both Harvard University and Harvard Law School.

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Podcast Reviews

  • Follow your passion
    by Allison's itunes from United States

    Loved it.I loved that it showed that listening to your gut and following your passion works. NOw of his ideas sounded like they would be what I would do but that doesn't matter. they were what he thought was cool and he got it. that was what that mattered. He GOT IT. Everyone else had to catch up. when they did he was there. my mind is now working overtime. where is my husband. i have to talk to him now!