$140M in Revenue – Dave Woodward, ClickFunnels

Dave Woodward grew ClickFunnels to a $140M company









In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard, and Dave Woodward discuss:  

  • How the founders, Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson, created ClickFunnels  
  • Marketing strategies for a large company 
  • Best strategies for finding and signing users 
  • Building the community of ClickFunnels 


Key Takeaways:  

  • The greatest way to decrease churn is making sure customers have success quickly 
  • Webinars were key in signing users the first year 
  • Acquisitions are the next step in expanding as the business grows 
  • Making the customer feel like you are speaking directly to them and connected is how you create a community 


“We want our customers to ascend and continue to ascend. It means their business is growing and that is what we want for them.” — Dave Woodward  


About Dave Woodward:

Dave Woodward is the Chief Revenue and Business Development Officer of ClickFunnels and host of the weekly ClickFunnels Podcast, ClickFunnels Radio. ClickFunnels is a SaaS software that lets people design and create sales pages, landing pages, order forms, and membership sites. Through this software, people can manage their entire sales and marketing funnel, and it also helps people with anything to buy or sell to do so in the most effective and efficient way. For more information, visit www.ClickFunnels.com.  

Connect with Dave Woodward:  

Facebook:  dave.woodward.3954   
Website: clickfunnels.com    
Email: dave@clickfunnels.com 
Instagram: daveswoodward/ 

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Podcast Reviews

  • Awesome!
    by wmoore07 from United States

    Steve does an amazing job of extracting the best of the best out of his guests allowing me as the listener to take the insights and put them into actionable items in my own life. I particularly enjoyed the episode on 6/10/20 with Will Moore of Moore Momentum. Keep it up!