$50M+ in Annual Revenue – Dr. Lori Barr, The Doctor’s Mentor

Dr. Lori Barr, The Doctor's Mentor, LLC on Beyond 8 Figures PodcastDr. Lori Barr Runs a Radiology Partnership for $50M+ Annually 


Best Advice I Ever Received: Discover the one thing around which your entire life revolves, your North Star. Make each decision by asking if this choice moves you closer to or farther away from your North Star. 


Best Advice I’d Give To Someone Who Wants To Build A $10m+ Business: If you (or your company) are not growing, then you are dying. How will you measure growth? What are you willing to give or give up to provide the extra energy to sustain growth? Complacency is not an option. 

In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard, and Lori discuss: 

  • Lori’s professional journey to becoming a pediatric radiologist 
  • Working with partners and competitors to better serve others 
  • Staying ahead of trends
  • Having an alternative or a pivot point at any point 

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the one thing around which your entire life revolves, your North Star. Make each decision by asking if this choice moves you closer to or farther away from your North Star 
  • There are ways to leverage money to make a bigger impact, even in academics 
  • Be a good partner with those you serve
  • The job is not what’s important, it’s your relationships with the people you love 

“It was critical that the CEO not view us as a commodity, as something to be sold, because we’re professionals, we own the practice, and we never wanted to lose that.”Lori Barr

About Lori Barr:
Dr. Lori Barr aka The Doctor’s Mentor, is an internationally recognized medical imaging expert and author of the international best-seller, Think and Grow Well. She assists about 18,137 patients each year in her 9 figure diagnostic imaging practice she owned with other Austin radiologists until they decided to sell it and become partners in a national practice, a win-win for both parties. An active community volunteer, she assisted the Children’s Hospital of Austin Foundation to leverage an imaging department renovation grant into 72 million in funding that built the Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin. She mentors those who seek more freedom and vitality on her podcast, in masterminds and on implementation getaways. 


Connect with Lori Barr: 

Twitter: @DrLoriBarr 

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Book: Think & Grow Well: Create and Preserve Your Total Health & Money, Power, Time Off: The Luxurious Path to Better Patient Care

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Podcast Reviews

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    by NathanieEtin from United States

    Great conversation from greaat business minds. I'm still blown away by Clickfunnels building such an empire without any start up venture capital, and going on to bypass would-be lenders and their offers with pure profits.This science is mind boggling. So glad you could have Clickfunnels on the show to uncover how they do what they do.