Best Business Purpose Books To Supercharge Your Growth

Business purpose lies at the heart of every successful enterprise, serving as its guiding North Star. Within the pages of business purpose books, you can glean invaluable lessons on how to define, articulate, and integrate purpose into your organization’s DNA. Learn how purpose-driven businesses inspire innovation, engage employees, and foster sustainable growth, setting the stage for enduring success in today’s dynamic corporate landscape.

You Owe You by Eric Thomas PhD

Eric Thomas, celebrated motivational guru and mentor to top athletes and business leaders, delivers a powerful wake-up call in ‘You Owe You.’ This New York Times bestseller urges readers to seize control of their lives, shatter self-limiting beliefs, and unleash their full potential. Thomas shares the secrets that have transformed countless lives. Discover how to understand your strengths, find your ‘why,’ make sacrifices for greatness, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. ‘You Owe You’ is your guide to becoming the authentic and empowered you that you deserve.

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Hardwiring Excellence by Quint Studer

In ‘Hardwiring Excellence,’ Quint Studer presents a practical guide to cultivating a culture of service and operational excellence. Drawing on his personal journey and experience in transforming healthcare organizations, Studer offers a roadmap based on the Nine Principles. Learn how to retain employees, enhance customer service, strengthen leadership, align values, improve communication, and drive operational performance. Discover how to harness these elements to propel your organization towards enduring success.

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Do Purpose by David Hieatt

“Do Purpose” explores the profound impact of purpose-driven companies. The world’s most influential brands don’t just sell products; they inspire change. They have a Purpose, a higher mission that transcends profits. Hieatt delves into the transformative power of Purpose, explaining how it drives innovation, shapes narratives, unites teams, and defines culture. If you aspire to create a brand that not only makes a product but also makes a difference, “Do Purpose” is your go-to resource.

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From Paycheck to Purpose by Ken Coleman

In this book, career expert Ken Coleman offers a transformative roadmap for anyone seeking more fulfillment in their career. Whether you’re feeling stuck, uncertain about your path, or simply looking to advance, Coleman’s seven-stage journey provides the guidance you need. Discover how to align your work with your passions, acquire the necessary qualifications, connect with influential individuals, overcome obstacles, and ultimately achieve your dream job. Don’t settle for a paycheck when you can find your purpose and make a meaningful impact on the world.

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Pivot to Purpose by Kristen Boss

Kristen Boss invites you to break free from the relentless hustle culture and find a path to a more fulfilling life. Through valuable insights, she guides you in understanding the difference between hard work and toxic hustle, shifting from scarcity to abundance, and embracing a perspective of service and significance. Kristen empowers you to build emotional resilience, overcome external expectations, and conquer the never-ending cycle of ‘doing more.’ Discover the keys to creating authentic and lasting success while finding true purpose, impact, and joy in both your life and business.

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Purpose and Profit by George Serafeim

“Purpose and Profit” delves into the evolving relationship between purpose and profit in the modern business landscape. Serafeim explores the increasing relevance of environmental and social issues for organizations worldwide. He provides valuable insights into how companies can create strategies that generate meaningful impact, outlines six archetypes of value creation, and discusses the role of investors in promoting ESG issues. This book invites readers to join a crucial conversation on aligning purpose and profit for a better world.

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Leading with Noble Purpose by Lisa Earle McLeod

Lisa Earle McLeod delves into a critical issue facing today’s workplaces in ‘Leading with Noble Purpose.’ She highlights that profit alone doesn’t drive true purpose but rather that purpose should drive profit. McLeod draws from her experience with organizations like Google and Hootsuite to address the employee engagement crisis. By prioritizing purpose over profit, McLeod demonstrates how leaders can ignite passion, engage employees, and ultimately drive success. This book offers a transformative perspective on leadership that fosters both financial growth and meaningful work.

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Winning on Purpose by Fred Reichheld et al.

In ‘Winning on Purpose,’ Fred Reichheld takes the Net Promoter System (NPS) to a new level. He argues that the primary purpose of any business should be to enhance the lives of its customers, fostering customer love and loyalty. Reichheld’s NPS 3.0 introduces the concept of the Earned Growth Rate and offers compelling evidence that companies prioritizing customer love consistently yield higher returns to shareholders. With captivating stories and best practices, this book is an essential guide to inspiring customer devotion and achieving business success through NPS.

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Purpose, Meaning, and Passion by Harvard Business Review et al.

Discover the transformative power of purpose in your work with ‘Purpose, Meaning, and Passion.’ This collection of insightful articles, including contributions from Morten T. Hansen, Teresa M. Amabile, and Nick Craig, explores the profound impact of passion on your career and how you can infuse it into your daily work life. Learn to find meaning in even the most mundane tasks, build your purpose, and empower your team to do the same. If you’re looking to unlock the full potential of your professional journey, this book is your guide to a more meaningful and fulfilling work experience.

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Do Good At Work by Bea Boccalandro

Unlock the secret to a more fulfilling and successful work life with ‘Do Good At Work.’ In a world where many jobs lack a compelling purpose, this book offers a transformative solution: job purposing. Drawing from scientific research and real-world examples, it reveals how simple acts of social purpose can turn ordinary work into a fulfilling venture. Whether you’re seeking greater engagement, happiness, or success in your career, this book provides actionable insights and inspiration to make your job more meaningful and impactful.

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Selling With Noble Purpose by Lisa Earle McLeod

Don’t compromise your values or your sales goals – achieve both with ‘Selling With Noble Purpose.’ In this updated edition, McLeod and Lotardo reveal the transformative power of a Noble Sales Purpose (NSP) and how it drives exceptional sales performance. Backed by real-world data and inspiring stories, this book shows how putting the customer’s needs first can lead to unparalleled success. Whether you’re a sales leader or aspiring to be one, discover the path to creating a sales force of True Believers and achieving remarkable results that make you proud.

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Today’s ever-evolving business landscape highlights the emergence of a clear and meaningful business purpose as a fundamental driver of success. Businesses, beyond the traditional pursuit of profits, increasingly recognize that a well-defined purpose serves as a powerful compass, guiding decision-making, and influencing every facet of their operations. In this exploration, we will delve into the critical role of business purpose in achieving lasting success.

Defining the Essence of Business Purpose

At its core, business purpose encapsulates the ‘why’ behind an organization’s existence. It transcends mere profit motives and delves into the broader impact a company aspires to make on the world. It articulates a company’s raison d’être, encompassing its values, vision, and societal contribution.

Inspiring Innovation and Adaptability

A well-crafted business purpose fosters a culture of innovation and adaptability. When employees understand and resonate with the company’s purpose, they become more engaged and motivated. This heightened commitment often translates into a willingness to experiment, take calculated risks, and drive innovation. Purpose-driven organizations are more likely to embrace change, adapt to market shifts, and stay ahead of the competition.

Engaging Employees and Attracting Talent

Business purpose is a magnetic force for talent acquisition and retention. Millennials and Gen Z seek more than just a paycheck. They crave a sense of purpose in their work. Companies with a clear and authentic purpose are more likely to attract top talent, and once onboard, these individuals tend to be more committed and loyal.

Customer Loyalty and Brand Reputation

Customers today are increasingly discerning, and they are drawn to brands that align with their values and beliefs. A compelling business purpose not only differentiates a company in a crowded market but also fosters customer loyalty. When customers perceive that a company genuinely cares about more than just its bottom line, they are more likely to become loyal brand advocates.

Driving Sustainable Growth

In the long run, a well-defined business purpose can drive sustainable growth. By aligning strategy and decision-making with purpose, a company can navigate challenges more effectively and build enduring relationships with stakeholders. This, in turn, leads to improved financial performance and resilience, ultimately defining the trajectory of success for the business.

In an era where businesses face increasing scrutiny for their societal impact, having a clear and authentic business purpose is no longer optional but a strategic imperative. A business purpose guides a company’s actions, inspires its people, and resonates with its customers, all of which constitute essential ingredients for long-term success. The role of business purpose in the journey towards lasting prosperity cannot be overstated; it serves as the compass that keeps businesses on course in an ever-changing sea of challenges and opportunities.

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