Go Do Deals: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Buying & Selling Businesses by Jeremy Harbour (Book Review)

Step into the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, where deals can launch ventures to new heights. No matter if you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, buying and selling businesses brings both excitement and challenges. With Jeremy Harbour’s book, Go Do Deals: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Buying & Selling Businesses, you can master the art of deal-making. In this book review, we’ll uncover what you can expect to learn. So, get ready to navigate the complex realm of business transactions and make confident moves. Grab your copy now!

Who is Jeremy Harbour?

Jeremy Harbour is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and leading expert on M&A with small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). He has authored five business books, namely, Agglomerate, Go Do Deals, Why You Should Never Buy A Company That’s For Sale, Go Do!, and Democratizing Wealth. He is also the founder of The Harbour Club, an invite-only tactical M&A training seminar that is hosted a few times each year globally. It provides you with the tools and strategies that enable you to buy, sell, and financially engineer businesses without the need for any capital or taking on any debt.

In addition, Jeremy is the founder of The Unity Group of Companies, which is a mergers and acquisitions firm that specializes in attracting investment and creating opportunities for SMEs to scale. Personally, he has bought and sold 100 companies and has helped numerous entrepreneurs achieve successful exits. 

As an author, Jeremy has shared his insights in his book Go Do Deals, which provides valuable advice for entrepreneurs and investors looking to navigate the world of business acquisitions and succeed in buying and selling businesses.

Why do you need to read “Go Do Deals”?

Go Do Deals by Jeremy Harbour gives a new viewpoint on acquiring businesses. Jeremy offers a complete manual for people interested in buying a business by sharing his experiences and thoughts. The book challenges conventional approaches by outlining risk-reduction tactics and ideas that demand less money upfront.

In this book, Jeremy provides techniques to limit risks and lessen the financial burden on the buyer, rather than starting a business from scratch or paying a high price for an established firm. He offers advice on effectively navigating the acquisition process by sharing his experiences. The book challenges the readers to think outside the box while developing their company portfolios.

The structure and conciseness of Go Do Deals are among its advantages. Jeremy’s clear and approachable presentation of the material makes it simple for readers to understand and apply the concepts for a successful business purchase. Whether you are a first-time or experienced entrepreneur, this book offers insightful advice in an approachable style.

Moreover, Go Do Deals provides guidance that can be used immediately to buy businesses. Readers gain personal knowledge of what it takes to excel in this industry through the author’s experiences. Readers can benefit from Jeremy’s successes and failures by reading about the essential lessons he has learned during his career. The book provides a comprehensive grasp of the tactics and challenges involved in business acquisition by fusing theory with real-life examples.

This book is helpful for entrepreneurs at all phases of their journey. Whether you’re considering launching your own company or diversifying your portfolio through acquisitions, Go Do Deals offers insightful advice and strategies. The book’s unconventional method of company acquisition opens up new opportunities and challenges readers to think creatively. It encourages entrepreneurs to explore acquisition possibilities with fewer risks and financial responsibilities.

Final Thoughts

Jeremy Harbour’s book, Go Do Deals, presents a new viewpoint on business acquisition. The book is a helpful tool for individuals and entrepreneurs because of its unconventional approach and valuable suggestions. This book offers direction and strategies to effectively navigate the process, whether you want to launch your business or consider buying an existing one. Go Do Deals encourages readers to think outside the box and take calculated risks. So don’t wait longer. Order this book today and discover Jeremy’s secret sauce to business acquisition success! 

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