Steve Olsher,

Steve Olsher Exited 





In this episode, Steve, Mary, and Richard discuss:  

  •         The History of
  •         The trials, tribulations and lessons learned in being the Founder of
  •         Family vs. Business – A family business is not always the right business
  •         Rebuilding and reinventing – what happens after ‘IT’ happens…

Key Takeaways:  

  •         Always believe in who you are and your vision
  •         Desire is often more important than ability
  •         One bad chapter never tells the whole story 
  •         Essentials for life — having clarity on what you want versus what you need


NEVER, EVER sign away your management rights. — Steve Olsher  


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Podcast Reviews

  • Tons of value here
    by AnitaH1 from United States

    The wisdom and experience shared on this podcast is insightful and offers a ton of value from top leaders. Anne Hyman’s story about how they imported their beans and what they had to do to make sure they kept their capital. Very interesting!