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Steve Olsher Exited 





In this episode, Steve, Mary, and Richard discuss:  

  •         The History of
  •         The trials, tribulations and lessons learned in being the Founder of
  •         Family vs. Business – A family business is not always the right business
  •         Rebuilding and reinventing – what happens after ‘IT’ happens…

Key Takeaways:  

  •         Always believe in who you are and your vision
  •         Desire is often more important than ability
  •         One bad chapter never tells the whole story 
  •         Essentials for life — having clarity on what you want versus what you need


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Podcast Reviews

  • Awesome!
    by wmoore07 from United States

    Steve does an amazing job of extracting the best of the best out of his guests allowing me as the listener to take the insights and put them into actionable items in my own life. I particularly enjoyed the episode on 6/10/20 with Will Moore of Moore Momentum. Keep it up!