Non-Food Franchising: The Better Path to Business Ownership By Jon Ostenson (Book Review)

Tired of the same old business models and looking for a change? Non-Food Franchising: The Better Path to Business Ownership by Jon Ostenson offers a refreshing alternative. The book addresses the pain points of aspiring entrepreneurs, providing a deeper understanding of non-food franchising. Jon unveils the potential of this business model, offering solutions to the challenges you face in trying to become a successful business owner. Discover a new and better way to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams—dive into Non-Food Franchising!

Who is Jon Ostenson?

Jon Ostenson is the founder of FranBridge, a leading force in the world of non-food franchising. With a passion for helping others achieve their dreams of freedom and wealth through business ownership, Jon has established himself as a top 1% Franchise Consultant in the US.

Jon isn’t just a consultant; he’s also a multi-brand franchisee. Alongside his business partners, he leads successful ventures with top-notch operators, allowing him to dedicate his time to guiding others on their path to business success.

Before founding FranBridge, Jon served as the President of ShelfGenie, a national franchise system with 200 locations. His journey into franchising followed a successful 15-year stint in the corporate world. As the Vice President of Sales for Carter’s Inc., he managed an impressive $350M in annual sales.

Beyond business, Jon is actively engaged in supporting charitable causes. He serves on the Board of the Entrepreneurs Organization and contributes to organizations like Growing Leaders and Hope International

Jon Ostenson is not just a leader in franchising; he’s a dedicated entrepreneur, consultant, and community advocate. He creates a positive impact in every venture he undertakes.

Reasons to explore the book “Non-Food Franchising”

In the buzzing business landscape, Non-Food Franchising by Jon Ostenson stands out as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs wanting to achieve success. Jon, the CEO of FranBridge Consulting and a top-tier consultant/broker nationally, spills the beans on why now is the golden era for diving into the world of non-food franchising.

Jon’s book takes a deep dive into the diverse sectors of franchising, pointing out the opportunities that many entrepreneurs might be missing. It’s not just about burgers and fries – think pet supply stores, auto shops, and pharmacies. Jon’s got the scoop on why these non-food businesses could be your ticket to entrepreneurial success.

Drawing on his experience as an Inc. 500 franchisor and a multi-brand franchisee, Jon reveals the secrets of why franchising is a more attractive option than starting from scratch or buying into a business. 

Jon tackles the nitty-gritty of franchising – who’s buying, how they’re doing it, and what’s catching their eye. His insights on running franchises with a semi-passive “executive model” and the active role of real estate investors add layers of understanding for entrepreneurs.

The financial side of franchising can be a puzzle, but fear not – Jon breaks down the investment, revenue, and profit potential. For those with dreams of business ownership, Jon’s book is an essential first step. This book will show you why non-food franchising is becoming the go-to path for savvy entrepreneurs.

Jon’s expertise has also been recognized in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Bloomberg, The Franchise Journal, and Franchise Connect. In Non-Food Franchising, Jon will share ways for you to succeed. Jon Ostenson’s friendly yet professional tone, combined with his first-hand experience, makes this book a valuable resource for entrepreneurs wanting a clear path to business ownership. 

Final Thoughts

In his book, Jon Ostenson makes non-food franchising easy to understand. The book explores diverse sectors, sharing the opportunities often overlooked. Backed by Jon’s experience as an Inc. 500 franchisor, it reveals why franchising outshines traditional business models. Non-Food Franchising is your guide to exploring the details of non-food franchising, strategically selecting opportunities, and achieving entrepreneurial success.

Take the first step towards your business ownership goals—grab your copy today!

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