PEAK: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo By Chip Conley (Book Review)

Are you struggling to lead your business? Chip Conley’s book Peak might be what you need. Whether you’re a startup or a corporate giant founder, you can find tips and strategies for improving your business. Learn also how to make your customers happy and investors satisfied. Ready to boost your business mojo? Read Peak today!

Who is Chip Conley?

Chip Conley is a serial entrepreneur and bestselling author. As the founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality (JDV Hotels), he turned a modest motel into one of the largest boutique hotel brands in the U.S., earning recognition as the “Most Innovative CEO” and the prestigious Pioneer Award in hospitality. Chip continued his journey by joining Airbnb as the Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy, playing a crucial role in the company’s transformation into the world’s most valuable hospitality brand. His influence continues as he serves as the Strategic Advisor for Hospitality and Leadership at Airbnb.

Inspired by his experience as a “modern elder” at Airbnb, Chip co-founded MEA (Modern Elder Academy) in 2018, the world’s first ‘midlife wisdom school.’ Dedicated to reshaping the concept of aging, MEA guides students through midlife with a renewed sense of purpose.

As an author, Chip Conley has written seven books, including the New York Times bestseller “Peak” and “Learning to Love Midlife.” His TED talk on “An alternative to the midlife crisis” in 2023 showcases his commitment to rebranding midlife and highlighting its positive aspects.

An influential figure in the business world, Chip Conley continues to shape the landscape of hospitality, leadership, and personal development through his diverse ventures and teachings. His writings offer valuable insights into personal growth, leadership, and effective marketing strategies, inspiring entrepreneurs to embrace their uniqueness and succeed in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Why include “Peak” in your reading list?

In Peak, Chip Conley creates a tailor-made guide for entrepreneurs wanting the formula for sustainable success. This book explores proven principles, bringing new leadership perspectives that resonate across industries.

Chip shares his firsthand experiences of disrupting industries not once but twice. Drawing inspiration from Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs during a critical time in his company, Chip reveals how he applied these principles to revive his business. Later, he employed the same principles when assisting Airbnb’s founders in transforming their startup into a hospitality giant.

The book Peak centers on the idea that great leaders should understand the unique needs of three critical relationships—with employees, customers, and investors. This message resonates with leaders and companies worldwide, from tech giants like Apple and Facebook.

The second edition of Peak offers examples of real-world PEAK companies, including Chip Conley’s experiences at Airbnb. These examples bring the principles to life, showing how they can be applied in various business scenarios. Peak succeeds because it doesn’t just focus on business strategies; it transforms businesses. 

By knowing how Maslow’s hierarchy influences business practices, readers understand the human motivations that drive organizational success. It also showcases how its principles have propelled some of today’s top businesses to achieve sustainable success. The book emphasizes the importance of fostering employee growth, helping them reach their full potential and beyond. Furthermore, it provides strategies to transform the customer experience, ensuring customer satisfaction. It also offers approaches to satisfy investors, establishing a holistic framework for achieving business excellence.

If you’re a startup or in a Fortune 500 company, Peak can offer a blueprint to unleash your untapped potential. With Chip Conley’s friendly and conversational tone, examples, and strategies, Peak is a must-read for entrepreneurs striving to take their business and personal success to the next level.

Final Thoughts

In Peak, Chip Conley provides entrepreneurs with a tailored guide for sustainable success, drawing on disruptive experiences in hospitality. This book’s core premise revolves around understanding unique relationship needs. Chip Conley’s PEAK strategy, influencing global organizations, is enriched in the second edition with real-world examples and exclusive leadership practices. Beyond traditional business strategies, the book offers a holistic approach to success, applicable to professional and personal aspects of life. Discover how Maslow’s hierarchy drives practices, transforms experiences, and keeps investors satisfied. For entrepreneurs, Peak is the key to unlock untapped potential.

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