$30M in annual revenue – Mike O’Hagan, MiniMovers, Shore360, and MikesBusinessTours

$30M in annual revenue – Mike O’Hagan, MiniMovers, Shore360, and MikesBusinessTours

February 5, 2019

Mike O’Hagan covers the ins and outs of managing multiple successful businesses.

Join us as we explore the captivating story of how Mike O’Hagan built not just one, but multiple successful businesses, generating an impressive $30M in annual revenue. Discover how he brings opportunities to places that need better income, overcame the challenges of the Global Financial Crisis, created a skill-building mentality that uplifts his employees, and masterfully manages revenue across his thriving business empire.

About Mike O’Hagan:

Mike O’Hagan’s business career started over 30 years ago with buying and selling goods. 6 years later the entrepreneur in Mike surfaced when he launched an innovative short distance furniture removal business. He bootstrapped MiniMovers from an initial investment of $200 and a Ute, to an annual turnover of $30 million with over 450 employees servicing all the major cities in Australia. Today Mike also has interests in 6 other businesses in 3 Countries. His business MiniMovers is also the recipient of many Employer of the Year awards as well as 2003 Telstra Small Business of the year. Today Mike lives in the Philippines, claims to be semi-retired and teaches businesspeople how to maximize the opportunities in Offshoring. Mike walks the talk – he’s practical and outside the box. No apologies are made for challenging the way business is done.

Best Advice I Ever Received:

Test it, if it works do it.

Best Advice I’d Give To Someone Who Wants To Build A $10M+ Business:

Create great people to go with you, on your journey.

In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard, and Mike discuss:   

  • Bringing Opportunities to places that need better and income.
  • Surviving the Global Financial Crisis as an entrepreneur with multiple businesses.
  • How to create a skill-building mentality that uplifts your workers.
  • Managing revenue with multiple successful businesses.


Key Takeaways:

  • If you test something and it works, take the opportunity and go for it.
  • Understand the ‘why’ that drives your business.
  • You can give people skills that will not just help your business, but help build their careers.
  • Having an excellent financial management team creates financial safety.


“It needs to be something people want.” — Mike O’Hagan


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