The Secret To Intrapreneur Success with Andres Moran, Wunderkind

The Secret To Intrapreneur Success with Andres Moran, Wunderkind

January 26, 2022

Yes, yes, this is not a typo. Today we’ll touch on the topic of being an Intrapreneur. How it fits into the concept of modern entrepreneurship and what you can do to set up yourself for success? Our guest this week is Andres Moran, a successful entrepreneur and intrapreneur, who loves to get inside start-ups and come up with innovative ways to find business success. 

Andres is all about working with others for a stronger business. Tune in to hear his top business tips and why he feels the value you bring is the strongest indicator of your success. 

About Andres Moran: 

As the Vice President of Sales and General Manager of Wunderkind Advertising, he knows a thing or two about marketing a successful business. He has more than proved that he is an entrepreneur worth learning from. He is highly experienced in starting successful businesses and isn’t afraid to share his knowledge and help the next entrepreneur in line.

Differences between an entrepreneur and intrapreneur

Here are the differences between an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur:

Definition: An entrepreneur is an individual who establishes their own business based on a new idea or concept. On the other hand, an intrapreneur is an employee within an organization who is responsible for driving innovation in products, services, processes, and more.

Enterprise: Entrepreneurs establish new enterprises from the ground up, while intrapreneurs work within existing organizations.

Approach: Entrepreneurs rely on their intuition and instincts to guide their business decisions. In contrast, intrapreneurs often take a restorative approach, working to improve and revitalize the existing organizational systems and culture.

Works for: Entrepreneurs aim to create a leading position for their business in the market. Intrapreneurs focus on driving change and rejuvenating the existing organizational systems and culture within the company.

Resources: Entrepreneurs utilize their own resources to support their business ventures. Meanwhile, intrapreneurs make use of the resources provided by the company they work for.

Dependency: Entrepreneurs operate independently, with full ownership and control over their businesses. Intrapreneurs, on the other hand, depend on the support and structure of the organization they work for.

Capital: Entrepreneurs raise capital for their ventures through various means, whereas intrapreneurs have their initiatives financed by the company they are employed by.

Risk: Entrepreneurs bear the risks associated with their ventures personally, while in the case of intrapreneurs, the risks are assumed by the company.

Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs both support innovation and economic growth. While entrepreneurs create new businesses, intrapreneurs play an important role in promoting growth and innovation within already existing businesses, encouraging a culture of creativity, and realizing new concepts.

On Today’s Episode: 

  • Where Andres sees himself on his entrepreneurial journey. -3:16 
  • Andres’s role at Wunderkind now and the benefits of working with this company. -6:41 ● Why you should consider having a co-founder in your business. -7:44 
  • Why one of the biggest threats to start-ups in their infancy is co-founder disputes. -9:07 
  • The experience that had the biggest impact on Andres as an entrepreneur. -10:05 
  • Why entrepreneurs struggle with traditional employment roles -10:44 
  • How Andres’ company handles ads in a way that is different from the rest and how it can be more effective. -16:00 
  • What Andres finds interesting about the advertising methods of the world’s biggest companies. -20:15 
  • How Andres defines success on his entrepreneurial journey. -25:37 
  • The value that you deliver to your clients is the ultimate measure of your success. -26:02 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. Having a champion in your corner can give you someone to help solve any problems that come up and celebrate success with. 
  • Gaps in your skill sets as an entrepreneur could be filled by a co-founder because they bring a fresh perspective and their own skills. 
  • Business advertising doesn’t have to follow the same rules as everyone else’s ads. Sometimes thinking outside the box with the way you present your ads can make a huge difference in your results. 
  • Watching the moves of the world’s biggest companies can teach you many things that can benefit your business because it can teach you what works for them.
  • It’s important to expand on the value you can bring your customers. Focusing on this will bring your customers back again and again. 

Finding a business partner or co-founder can give you a companion to share your business success and struggles with.  

[7:44] “I always advise entrepreneurs to get a co-founder. Solo-entrepreneurship can be a lonely path.”

How do you provide value to your clients? Tell us on social media, and don’t forget to say hello if you would like to share your entrepreneurship story on our podcast. 

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