What Does It Mean to Build an Intention-led Business with A.J. Lawrence, Beyond 8 Figures

What Does It Mean to Build an Intention-led Business with A.J. Lawrence, Beyond 8 Figures

August 18, 2021

In this episode, Timi Orosz and A.J. Lawrence discuss why you should build an intention-led business. They talk about the experiences and lessons learned from several other entrepreneurs in building mission-led ventures and the challenges that one might face. 

So, tune in to learn about starting and scaling a business that not only helps you nurture a better team but also allows you to attract clients you are excited to serve. 

What is intention-led business?

An “intention-led business” operates by allowing a clear set of values, purpose, and deliberate intention to influence the company’s decisions and activities. It goes beyond traditional profit-driven models. Also, it highlights the significance of integrating economic goals with broader social, ethical, and environmental factors.

In an intention-led business, decisions, strategies, and daily operations are all based on the company’s objectives, intentions, and values. The intentions may cover a range of topics, including community involvement, employee wellbeing, sustainability, and social impact. These intentions guide the company in its actions and relationships with stakeholders, including employees, clients, suppliers, and the public.

Oftentimes, intention-led businesses have a well-defined mission statement that articulates their values and the positive impact they aim to create. This mission statement serves as a guiding principle and influences how the business operates and makes choices.

Businesses generates positive impact beyond financial success by implementing an intention-led approach that allows them to match their actions with their values and purposes. It promotes innovation, fosters long-term sustainable growth, and helps forge strong ties with stakeholders. It also draws in like-minded employees and clients.

On today’s episode: 

  • Episode Overview: intention setting (between woo-woo and practicality). – 0:40
  • Successful entrepreneurs who have built intention-led businesses. – 03:30
  • What does it mean to build an intention-led business? – 06:19
  • How feeling impactful can drive your business (and vice versa). – 10:08
  • How you can build a business that is meaningful to you. – 14:35
  • Do you need experience with intention setting to build an intention-led business? – 15:43
  • How do you know when is the right time to reset the path your business is on? – 17:35
  • How building an intention-led business is very personal. – 23:03 
  • Building an intention-led business DESPITE being extremely busy. – 24:39
  • Don’t just SAY what your business intentions are, you must DO this.  – 28:08 
  • Don’t copy other entrepreneurs, steal from them (explained). – 32:26
  • Why you should center your business intentions around your team. – 34:20 
  • What type of client will your business intentions attract? – 42:11
  • Our research on how to transition from being a 7 figure to 8 figure entrepreneur. – 46:16


Key Takeaways: 

  • To start building an intention-led business, ask yourself what it is you genuinely feel passionate about? What problem would you like to fix? Then think about how you can use your business to contribute to fixing that problem. 
  • Finding the right type of customers and the right team is integral to building an intention-led business. 
  • You don’t need to have experience with intention setting, all you need to have is the drive to create a business that is meaningful to you. 
  • Having an intention-led business is building a business that people you work with and for will get more value from over the long-term than if you only focused on profit generation.
  • Every company goes on its unique path and thus each company has different looking inflexion points. These crossroads can be good moments to reflect on the state of your business and decide on whether it’s a good idea to reset the path your business is on. 
  • Building an intention-led business alters the very foundations your business is built upon. 
  • Don’t just settle with saying what your intentions are for your business. Instead, you have to elaborately describe what that intention means and how it can realistically and practically be manifested within your business. You have to make your intentions structurally part of your business. 
  • Your team comes before your client. Without a happy team, you will be unable to serve your clients well.


This is what the thought process in building an intention-led business looks like:

[14:56] “If I want to do this, and I know I can provide the value that I believe is necessary for this part of the marketplace that I want to enter, I can do it the way that I think it worthwhile”


What intentions lead your business? Tell us in the comments, and don’t forget to say hello if you would like to share your entrepreneurship story on our podcast. 


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