Disconnecting from work - Your Business Needs You To Go On Vacation with A.J. Lawrence, The JAR Group

Your Business Needs You To Go On Vacation with A.J. Lawrence, The JAR Group

August 25, 2021

In this episode A.J. Lawrence and Timi discuss why your business needs you to go on vacation. They talk about how to avoid staff burnout through disconnecting from work, why talking to strangers hones your entrepreneurial skills, and why you should tell your clients about your holiday escapades. 

Taking regular vacations is essential for you to recharge your body and refresh your perspective. It allows you to step away from your business temporarily and focus on self-care and relaxation. However, to be comfortable taking time off, you need to build a reliable and competent team that can handle the day-to-day operations during your absence. So, delegating tasks, empowering team members, and streamlining your workflow are crucial. Many entrepreneurs don’t do go on vacations because they feel guilty of taking this type of reward. Vacations shouldn’t be seen as a luxury but as a necessary investment in your business’s long-term success. It allows you to gain new perspectives, foster creativity, and come back with fresh ideas to drive growth.

Tune in to the episode to learn why disconnecting from work through vacations will make you a more effective entrepreneur and maintain a healthy work-life balance that ultimately benefit your business.

On today’s episode: 

  • How vacations fuel creativity in entrepreneurs. – 0:49
  • How where you live impacts how often you need to recharge. – 03:15
  • Is there really a work-life balance when you are an entrepreneur? – 05:04
  • A.J.’s next vacation goal. – 06:44
  • Why you should actively appreciate where you currently live. – 07:19
  • How hotels can go the extra mile to make you special and valued. – 10:54
  • One of the most underused tools that can dramatically increase productivity. – 14:23
  • How talking to strangers changes you and how it can help you in business. – 15:48
  • Why you SHOULD talk about your vacations with your clients. – 18:52
  • What is the bartender’s choice (and A.J.’s awesome drinking experience in NYC)? – 21:22   

Key Takeaways: 

  • Where you live determines how much time you actually need off work. Some places are much more stressful than others. 
  • If you don’t spend at least a whole week in a place while traveling, you don’t fully get the feel of the place. 
  • Sometimes, we don’t fully explore and appreciate the places where we live. Being a tourist in your own city can be a rewarding experience. 
  • It is extremely important to take time off work. If you are overworked, you will not be able to produce your best work. 
  • Employers that do not give their staff time off can alienate them and make them feel undervalued. 


Do entrepreneurs really have a work-life balance?

[05:04] “We jokingly said, being an entrepreneur, there is no real-life balance. It’s just making sure you find things that are the appropriate mix so that you’re doing the things you like.”

Are you able to fully disconnect from work while on vacation? Tell us in the comments, and don’t forget to say hello if you would like to share your entrepreneurship story on our podcast. 

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