Rebecca Costa, Dazai Advertising Inc.

Rebecca Costa Exited Dazai Advertising Inc. 


Best Advice I Ever Received: If you don’t fail big then maybe you haven’t aimed high enough.   


Best Advice I’d Give To Someone Who Wants To Build A $10m+ Business: The most important advice is to differentiate! Differentiating yourself, your product and services, translates to commanding higher prices.  


In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard, and Rebecca discuss:  

  • How to prepare for an exit  
  • Finding your focus as a company 
  • Branding and diversifying 
  • The future of technology 


Key Takeaways:  

  • If you don’t fail big then maybe you haven’t aimed high enough  
  • Owning your own business will always require you to be there, no matter how many people you hire 
  • Your brand is the most important differentiator 
  • Look for what is obvious in human behavior, even if it seems trivial 


“The number one differentiator, is a perceived differentiator. That is the enduring differentiator that you can have. Perception is reality. So, the perceived differentiator that is worth investing in, is your brand.” — Rebecca Costa  


About Rebecca Costa: World renowned sociobiologist and futurist, Rebecca Costa, shows how artificial intelligence-powered predictive models can predict future events with unprecedented accuracy, paving the way for leaders to act before-the-fact. Using real world examples, she demonstrates how the certainty of future outcomes is changing the way businesses and governments solve problems and preempt danger. Costa’s work has been heralded by Richard Branson, John Sculley, E.O Wilson, Jim Lehrer, George Mitchell, Alan Dershowitz and Nobel laureates such as James Watson, and featured in The Washington Post, USA Today, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, etc.  



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Podcast Reviews

  • Follow your passion
    by Allison's itunes from United States

    Loved it.I loved that it showed that listening to your gut and following your passion works. NOw of his ideas sounded like they would be what I would do but that doesn't matter. they were what he thought was cool and he got it. that was what that mattered. He GOT IT. Everyone else had to catch up. when they did he was there. my mind is now working overtime. where is my husband. i have to talk to him now!