The Outsourcing Lever By John Jonas (Book Review)

Do you feel like you are drowning in the demands of your own business? Do you work long hours, miss family moments, and constantly struggle to find time for yourself? John Jonas understands this all too well. In his book The Outsourcing Lever, John shares the secret to breaking free from the overwhelming grind of entrepreneurship. Just imagine having more time for family, hobbies, and those much-needed breaks. Ready to unlock the door to freedom? Let’s dive into The Outsourcing Lever.

Who is John Jonas?

John Jonas started his journey as a programmer for various companies, but his true passion lay in building his own business. 

It started in January 2006 when John decided to hire someone from the Philippines, marking the beginning of something extraordinary. Through this experience, he discovered that incorporating Filipino workers into your team can significantly enhance the quality of life. This led to the creation of OnlineJobs.ph, the largest marketplace connecting employers with Filipino talent, boasting almost 2 million profiles.

John’s life has been transformed. Thanks to his Filipino workers, he enjoys ample time for golf, family, and spontaneous backpacking adventures during the week. Working only 17 hours a week attests to the incredible work done by his team. Yet, the benefits extend beyond him; it positively impacts the lives of his Filipino workers.

The decision to hire Filipino workers has not only improved their standard of living but also granted them the privilege of working from home, earning decent incomes, and playing a more active role in raising their children—a luxury many Filipino parents aspire to but often find challenging.

John’s commitment to helping entrepreneurs thrive is evident in his teachings on outsourcing. Through his book, The Outsourcing Lever, he shares invaluable strategies for entrepreneurs to improve productivity and scale their businesses through outsourcing. With a profound impact on thousands of entrepreneurs, John Jonas is an inspiration to others.

Why should you consider picking up “The Outsourcing Lever”?

Remember when you first started your business? John Jonas wants you to think about that time. He knows that, by now, your dream of a good life might feel far away. The Outsourcing Lever is a refreshing answer for your busy life.

John wrote The Outsourcing Lever not just to talk about hiring help but to show how it can improve your business and personal life. If you’re in the middle of running your own business, this book shares true stories and helpful ideas.

In the book, John shares about outsourcing to get more free time. Using his own experience, he breaks the myth that being an entrepreneur means working all the time. According to him, outsourcing allows you to have more time, work less, and live the good life you want.

John is also honest about the challenges of outsourcing. He says it’s not easy and needs hard work and training. The book guides you through the process, discusses the problems, and tells you about the big rewards waiting for you.

John shares how hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines changed his life and helped people there. This part makes outsourcing feel like a good partnership that benefits everyone involved.

John Jonas’s book isn’t just talking about ideas. It’s a guide that shows you how to use outsourcing in your business. It says you need to commit for a long time to see significant changes.

Final Thoughts

The Outsourcing Lever is your ticket to a better entrepreneur life. John Jonas guides you to more time, less stress, and more success. With outsourcing tips, you can build a thriving business and enjoy what matters. Ready for a change? Get your book copy and see your business and life transform.

Dive in! Your journey starts here.

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