Time to Get Tough: How Cookies, Coffee, and a Crash Led to Success in Business and Life By Michael Coles (Book Review)

Dive into the incredible life of Michael Coles in Time to Get Tough. Michael is the co-founder of Great American Cookie Company and former Caribou Coffee CEO, shares his adventures and gives practical leadership tips. It’s a guide for anyone facing tough challenges. Get ready for an inspiring journey of turning challenges into opportunities and learning new ways to succeed in business.

Who is Michael Coles?

After nearly two decades in the clothing business, Michael Coles co-founded the Great American Cookie Company. He made the company a huge success by 1998, surpassing its competitors and becoming the largest franchisor of cookie stores.

Michael Coles stepped into politics in 1996, running for public office. Later, he led Caribou Coffee, making it public in 2005. He also played a key role in Georgia’s film industry, leading to substantial growth.

Michael, along with his wife Donna, is dedicated to giving back. Kennesaw State University named its business school after him. He wrote Time to Get Tough, donating its proceeds to a university fund.

Michael continues to inspire as an entrepreneur-in-residence, earning recognition for advocating women’s rights. Today, he delivers keynotes, serves on nonprofit boards, and leaves a lasting impact on communities.

Why Read Time To Get Tough?

In Time to Get Tough, Michael Coles, the co-founder of the Great American Cookie Company and former CEO of Caribou Coffee, shares an amazing journey that defies the usual rules of success.

Michael’s story is proof of resilience and resourcefulness. Growing up in humble beginnings, starting work at 13, and lacking an Ivy League background or an MBA, Michael turned challenges into stepping stones. His life unfolds as he turns his obstacles into opportunities, defeats into triumphs, and poverty into philanthropy.

Michael Coles’ story lies in how he built a $100-million company with a mere $8,000. His journey involves overcoming a near-fatal motorcycle accident, a run for the U.S. Congress, and setting three transcontinental cycling world records. Time to Get Tough is a memoir of leadership lessons and innovative business approaches.

Time to Get Tough is more than just a biography; it’s a guidebook for entrepreneurs. Michael shares his leadership lessons from his experiences, offering innovative perspectives on business and life.

For entrepreneurs seeking inspiration and wisdom, Time to Get Tough delivers. Michael Coles’ engaging storytelling and lessons make this book a must-read. It’s not just about cookies, coffee, and crashes – it’s a story of turning challenges into victory.

Final Thoughts

In the book Time to Get Tough, Michael Coles shares a powerful message of resilience and wisdom. From humble beginnings, he turns challenges into opportunities, providing guidance for entrepreneurs. The book offers firsthand insights into facing challenges with determination, making it a must-read for those dealing with the challenges of business and life. Grab your copy today!