Zero Down: 5 Proven Steps to Quickly Acquire Businesses by Roland Frasier (Book Review)

We get it–starting a business from scratch is like navigating a maze blindfolded, and who’s got time for that? In the book Zero Down: 5 Proven Steps to Quickly Acquire Businesses, Roland Frasier reveals a game-changing strategy, showing you how to acquire existing businesses without burning your savings or maxing out the credit card. So, ditch the startup headaches and level up your business game with this book. And you’ll be asking yourself, “Why didn’t I read this sooner?

Who is Roland Frasier?

Roland Frasier is an entrepreneur extraordinaire, dubbed a “recovering attorney.” As the co-founder of five Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing companies in diverse sectors, Roland has made an indelible mark on the business scene. With over two dozen businesses under his belt, spanning industries from consumer products to live events, he’s achieved sales ranging from $3 million to just under $4 billion.

His expertise hasn’t gone unnoticed, earning him features in publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Money, Business Insider, and Fast Company. He is also a familiar face on major TV networks, solidifying his status as a business thought leader.

Roland’s passion for business and deal-making shines through in his book Zero Down, where he shares practical strategies empowering entrepreneurs to acquire businesses without dipping into personal funds or credit.

Beyond his literary pursuits, Roland hosts the award-winning Business Lunch podcast, interviewing industry experts like Richard Branson and Spanx founder Sara Blakely. His career spans producing infomercials, securing publishing deals, negotiating with Las Vegas strip hotels, and advising major brands like PepsiCo, Uber, and McDonald’s.

His experiences serve as a guiding light for budding entrepreneurs, illustrating the transformative potential of strategic business acumen.

Why should “Zero Down” be your go-to book?

Do you want to acquire a business but don’t want to burn your savings? Roland Frasier’s Zero Down: 5 Proven Steps to Quickly Acquire Businesses might be the game-changer you need. With over 35 years of experience in founding, acquiring, scaling, and selling businesses, Roland shares invaluable insights into acquiring companies with little to no money down.

Roland’s book provides actionable strategies for acquiring complete businesses and expanding existing ones. He emphasizes the power of avoiding startup risks and expenses, making a compelling case for business acquisition. He guides readers on controlling “traffic assets” like Facebook Groups, Amazon Product Listings, and more, allowing them to tap into existing customer bases without hefty advertising costs.

Roland covers various business models, from brick-and-mortar stores to online enterprises, making the book relevant to entrepreneurs in multiple industries. Whether you’re an Amazon seller, consultant, coach, or service provider, the strategies presented are adaptable and proven to work.

Roland unveils the secret to maximizing returns: “You make your money when you buy!” He advocates for acquiring businesses with minimal personal cash outlay, demonstrating how to achieve impressive returns on investment by using leverage effectively. Zero Down unveils eight proven strategies for financing acquisitions without relying on personal credit.

Frasier introduces the concept of becoming an E.P.I.C. Investor–one who Ethically Profits In Crisis. Throughout the book, readers are guided on where to start, how to find opportunities, approach potential sellers, and creatively structure win/win deals. The focus on ethical profit-making sets this book apart in business acquisition literature.

Written in a friendly and conversational tone, the book is designed for practical application. The author distills his years of experience into 85 highly tactical and easy-to-read pages, making it a quick but impactful read. The step-by-step roadmap ensures that readers can implement the strategies discussed immediately.

Final Thoughts

Zero Down is a must-read for entrepreneurs seeking practical and ethical strategies for business acquisition. Roland Frasier’s wealth of experience and conversational writing style make the book both informative and enjoyable. If you’re ready to acquire more businesses and scale them, this book provides the roadmap to make it happen!

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