16 Amazing Business-Themed Cocktails For Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Who could have thought that our readers and listeners love business-themed cocktails? Yet here we are, adding another 5 cocktails to our entrepreneurial happy hour menu and inviting you to take a break and enjoy the holiday season with a well-deserved drink in hand.

Don’t worry; your business can survive a couple of days without you (unless you are selling Santa hats, then, by all means, keep a hand on the pulse). So without any further ado, we present to you 16 business-themed holiday cocktails, cheers!

Updated: December 2023.

With the holiday season upon us, let’s talk about celebratory cocktails. Sharing some festive spirit (pun absolutely intended) along the way.

As hardworking entrepreneurs, we should take a moment and reflect on our achievements throughout the year. No matter how big or small. Let’s recognize the successes, triumphs, and tribulations we’ve encountered throughout the year. The festivities of this time of the year are perfect for this. When the end of the working year coincides with a celebratory and reflective season.

You won’t be doing yourself (or your loved ones) any favors entering the new year overworked and stressed. So don’t feel guilty for taking little breaks along the way. In fact, feeling recharged and rejuvenated is crucial to the success of your enterprise. 

Celebrating your business every sip of the way

So, in the season’s true spirit, let’s talk about spirits. In the cocktail sense of the word rather than the paranormal one.

The wonderful world of cocktails produces a bevy of classic beverages. With enough variety to satisfy even the staunchest critic.

Everyone has their own personal favorite. Cocktails are true all-rounder drinks that can be enjoyed for any number of occasions.

A complimentary amalgamation of spirits and fresh fruit juices expertly garnished by an artistic professional.

As an entrepreneur, have you ever thought about how a particular cocktail could be celebrated as a milestone event in your business?

Let’s do just that.

16 business-themed cocktails to enjoy this year

Here are our ten favorite business-themed cocktails, each with an accompanying milestone to celebrate. But do you really need a reason?

We’ll give the basic ingredients for each one without exact measurements and methods of preparation. (It avoids being ripped to shreds by professional cocktail bartenders worldwide!)

Cocktails 2023

InvestMINT Julep 

Indulge in more than just a drink – it’s a celebration of your strategic financial and entrepreneurial victories. Investing and entrepreneurship are intertwined, a dance between managing money and witnessing the growth of your ventures. But here’s a thing: it goes beyond monetary gains and includes investments in your team, capabilities, and a brighter future.

This cocktail, just like a successful investment, assures an extra return on investment (ROI). Much like the taste of success, it’s a delicious reminder that your financial decisions can have a lasting impact. Take a sip and let the refreshing blend of bourbon and mint whisk you away.

Here’s how you can make it: in a glass, muddle 6-8 fresh mint leaves with 1/2 oz of simple syrup. Add 2 oz of bourbon, fill the glass with crushed ice, and stir gently. Top it off with a splash of soda water and garnish with a mint sprig. Cheers to the sweet taste of financial success!

PAYOUT Colada 

Now, this is not your average cocktail. Payouts are like little indicators of your company’s success – when payments are made to all sorts of stakeholders like suppliers and employees. This drink is not about business survival; it’s a sign of flourishing with financial returns as delightful as the timeless Piña Colada.

Payouts show that the company is reliable, so it’s not just about the money. They help establish trust with your partners, whether that be suppliers, partners, customers, or employees. It’s your company’s way of saying, “Hey, we’re here for the long run, and we value you.” So, when you see payouts happening, know that they mean so much more than just transactions. They represent a successful and trustworthy business with valuable vendor relationships.

Blend 2 oz of rum, 3 oz of pineapple juice, and 1 oz of coconut cream in a blender with a generous amount of ice. Blend until the mixture achieves a smooth consistency. Pour it into a chilled glass and crown it with a pineapple wedge. Give yourself a pat on the back, and enjoy; you deserve it!

CEOspresso Martini 

The sophisticated CEOspresso Martini is your perfect pick-me-up for those late-night strategy sessions. Here at Beyond 8 Figures, we know the sleepless nights and unwavering dedication required to lead a successful business. You’re ready to put in work when that’s needed, but you also know how to celebrate it. Well, this cocktail is ideal for those moments. It’s an elegant twist on a classic espresso martini with a touch of entrepreneurial flair, so you will never forget the taste of success.

Sometimes, entrepreneurs find themselves donning the CEO hat as well. While they initiate the venture, handle early challenges, and bring ideas to life, they may also take on the role of the Chief Executive Officer. However, if there’s a separate person in that crucial role, treating them to this drink is a great way to acknowledge their efforts and share a moment of appreciation.

Making CEOspresso Martini is super easy: take 1.5 oz vodka, 1 oz coffee liqueur, and 1 oz freshly brewed espresso. Shake the mix with ice, pour it into a chilled martini glass, and top it off with coffee beans. Now, let’s drink to leadership, hard work, and the successes ahead!


If your forte is strategic planning, this distinguished cocktail will be perfect! BOARDMEMBERadier is a Boulevardier tailored for the boardroom. Every sip is a reminder of effective leadership and the collaborative decisions forged within the boardroom.

Inspired by the classic boulevardier cocktail, which emerged in 1920s Paris, this cocktail deserves all the attention. It mirrors the fusion of diverse ideas during strategic planning, encapsulating the essence of making tough yet astute decisions for potential growth.

Just as the board scrutinizes future capital sources and evaluates the practices of top leaders, this cocktail symbolizes the responsibility and diversity of thought within the board. It perfectly depicts the collective goal of ensuring management acts in the best interests of shareholders.

To make this cocktail, start by stirring 1 oz of gin, 1 oz of sweet vermouth, and 1 oz of Campari with ice in a mixing glass. Strain the mixture into a chilled glass, expressing the orange twist’s oil over the drink. Complete the experience by garnishing it with the orange twist—a toast to effective leadership and the intricate decisions that pave the way for success.

Spicy MARKETrita

From delving into research to navigating the unpredictable world of stocks, the market is a dynamic companion on every entrepreneurial journey. Just like the market itself, this cocktail embraces volatility and aggression, turning challenges into opportunities – a perfect blend for both business and cocktails.

Named after the bold and spicy margarita, it encapsulates the spirit and determination needed to conquer the twists and turns of the market. It’s all about the philosophy of “big risks, big wins.” So when you need a little kick, the Spicy MARKETrita is here to spice up your entrepreneurial journey

We can see you rushing to get your shaker already! To craft this bold cocktail, combine 2 oz tequila, 1 oz triple sec, 3/4 oz lime juice, and 1/2 oz jalapeño syrup in a shaker with ice. Rim a glass with salt, shake the ingredients vigorously, and strain the mix into the prepared glass. Garnish with jalapeño slices for an extra kick.

Bonus: ENTREPRENERUSHirley Temple

Whether you’re embarking on the early stages of your entrepreneurial journey or steering clear of alcohol altogether, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a delicious drink. Meet your go-to companion: the ENTREPRENERUSHirley Temple.

Entrepreneurship is a journey that often demands a clear mind, but let’s not forget that enjoying the process is as important. So, take a moment to look back on why you started your business in the first place and what success means to you. In all the hustle, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and overlook these valuable aspects of business. Let’s be frank: this happens to the best of us. But remember that celebrating even the smallest milestones is key. Just look at how far you’ve come! If that doesn’t give you a good reason to celebrate, we don’t know what will.

Crafting this entrepreneurial elixir is as simple as toasting your accomplishments. In a glass filled with ice cubes, pour 1/2 cup of refreshing ginger ale, letting it set the foundation. Slowly introduce 2 tablespoons of grenadine, allowing it to gracefully settle at the bottom, creating a vibrant visual representation of your entrepreneurial spirit. Top it off with a maraschino cherry, a symbolic garnish for the sweet taste of your journey’s success.

Cocktails 2022

Business-themed cocktail Deal Closer

DEAL Closer 

The Cloister cocktail is a delicious drink made with gin, orange juice, and cherry brandy. It’s one of the most popular cocktails in the world, and it always goes down smoothly. But our DEAL Closer cocktail is for the determined entrepreneurs who bring it home!

Enough talking and beating around the bush – close that deal, and let’s celebrate with a nice drink.

The Cloister cocktail comes together quickly and easily with just a few ingredients. Pick a gin of choice. Pour it over ice and add in some orange juice for a bit of citrus flavor. Next, add in a splash of cherry brandy for that sweet touch that goes so well with an afternoon toast. Give everything a good stir and pour it into your favorite glass – as easy as making a new sale for your business!

Whether you prefer to enjoy yours on its own or with some friends, there’s no denying that the Cloister is the perfect way to celebrate your hard work.

Business-themed cocktail Cashflow Libre


Ah, free cash flow. The sweet sound of money left after the business paid for all operational expenses. What’s not to like? Having enough free cash flow – where it’s much higher than the amount needed to run operations – can mean you’re in a very good position.

And there is no more appropriate cocktail to celebrate a good year of business than classic Cuba Libre (or as we call it – CASH FLOW Libre). No fancy ingredients and no crazy mixology skills are required. Just good old rum, cola, and a lime wedge to garnish.

This cocktail is a shining example of the simple pleasures in life. And with free cash flow as high as ours this year, we’re definitely going to be enjoying many Cuba Libre cocktails to celebrate our success!

Business-themed cocktail Startup Star Martini

STARTUP Star Martini

Are you a startup founder? Is Y Combinator after you? Did Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) back you up this year? Well, you might deserve a STARTUP STAR Martini (also known as Porn Star Martini)!

This cocktail is a delicious blend of vanilla-flavored vodka, Passoã (a passion fruit-flavored liqueur), passion fruit juice, and lime juice. It is typically served in an oversized martini glass, with a chilled shot glass of prosecco alongside it.

The STARTUP STAR Martini is the perfect drink for any startup founder looking to celebrate their success and show off their entrepreneurial flair. Give it a try next time you’re out with friends, at a startup event, or enjoying some downtime after working hard on your latest venture!

Business-themed cocktail Acquisition Smirnoffer


Whether you are acquiring a business or received an offer for your company, it’s not a matter to handle lightly. Any business transaction requires informed decision-making, clear motivations, and planning ahead. So our next cocktail is not for the fainthearted.

ACQUISITION SmirnOFFER (also known as Smirnoff Passion Fruit Punch) is a cocktail with a bold statement. It is an acquired taste and involves risk-taking, but its reward is the sweet flavor of success and achievement.

To make this cocktail, you will need to gather the following ingredients: 1 1/2 ounces of Smirnoff Passion Fruit Vodka, a splash of cranberry juice, a splash of pineapple juice, a splash of grapefruit juice, 2 dashes bitters, and a splash of lemon-lime soda.

Then, simply build it in a Collins glass over ice and top it with lemon-lime soda. Garnish with a slice of pineapple, an orange slice, and a cherry to complete the bold look.

Don’t let the fruity taste fool you – it is a powerful cocktail that can help you celebrate your business goals. Whether you want to acquire or be acquired, this drink will surely get you in the right mindset for success. Cheers!

Business-themed cocktail Equal Cosmopportunities


We said it before, and we’ll say it again: at Beyond 8 Figures, we believe in sharing the voices of entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, countries, industries, etc. Though we think that your gender, skin tone, upbringing, or anything else should affect your role as an entrepreneur, we recognize how uneven the opportunities in business are for many underrepresented groups.

This cocktail is a reminder for everyone that we can change that together. EQUAL CosmOPPORTUNITIES is a drink that gives everyone a sit at the table and celebrates the diversity among entrepreneurs. It comes from the simple and well-known Cosmopolitan that won its place in our hearts thanks to its sweet-and-sour taste and the fact that it’s easy to make. And it tastes even better when shared.

Take equal parts cranberry juice and vodka (or your preferred type of alcohol if you want to add a personal touch), mix it with lime juice and sugar syrup in an ice-filled cocktail shaker (or even just shake it over ice), and pour into a glass. As easy as supporting other entrepreneurs!   

Cocktails 2021

Business-themed cocktail Scofflawless Deal


The Scofflaw. It’s 1920’s America. Prohibition times. The ban on booze. Drinkers disregard the law and convene in underground taverns. A secret knock gains you entry. A smoky environment to enjoy your favorite bootlegged tipple.

In crowded speakeasies across the country, drinkers thumbed their noses at the law. A term was coined for them – Scofflaws. They were those disreputable rascals who ignored Prohibition’s ban on drinking. A Paris bartender drew inspiration from this and decided to create a cocktail in their honor.

 The Scofflaw Rye whiskey, dry vermouth, lime, grenadine, and orange bitters.

How to celebrate the business deal with a Scofflaw? Sitting and enjoying it with your lawyer would be an excellent start. Unfortunately, the cocktail’s name derived from those who rejected the law, so extra due diligence is needed here.

Due diligence applies to any entrepreneurial scenario. Whether acquiring a company or considering angel investment in a venture, it’s always best practice to take that deep informational dive.

A solid knowledge of what you’re getting involved in – or with- will help prepare you for that inevitable situation when something unexpected pops up. The crazy world of entrepreneurship has so many unforeseen variants—an ever-evolving and constantly shifting landscape. As a result, decisions and actions can have ripple effects that benefit or hamper your efforts.

Practicing professional due diligence in every aspect of your business will turn that scofflaw into the scofflawless. A flawless endeavor where you can sit back, sip your business-themed cocktails, and celebrate your win.

Safe in the knowledge that you’ve prepared your business as well as possible for any unforeseen events.

Business-themed cocktail Paperless Airplane

PaperLESS Airplane

In today’s business environment, sustainability is critical. Green is the new black. Entrepreneurs are more socially conscious than ever.

The days when corporations greedily gobbled up fossil fuels to propel their innovations are over. There is a real emphasis on the preservation of the planet now. 

You can see it in supply chains worldwide in the widest range of industries. From environmentally friendly building supplies and clean energy to recycled plastic for clothing and sustainable cotton.

Considering this movement, we gave the Paper airplane cocktail an environmentally appropriate twist, naming it the Paperless Airplane.

The cocktail itself– amaro (preferably nonino), Aperol, bourbon, fresh lemon juice, was created by a bartender in a New York City cocktail bar. Somewhere I’m a little familiar with. The city, not the cocktail bar.

Yeah, okay, the city and the cocktail bar.

In 2007, it came up with it while listening to a popular song of the same name.

You can enjoy the Paperless Airplane guilt-free, as it has environmental consciousness practically displayed on its glass. It’s symbolic of your entrepreneurial efforts to create sustainability.

You educate others by making green decisions in the application or delivery of your product or service. As a result, you are encouraging a more sustained existence with your business and encouraging fellow entrepreneurs to follow suit. And that’s not a bad thing.

So go ahead this festive season, and celebrate your eco-business by flying the paperless airplane.

Business-themed cocktail Hemingway Deckquiri

Hemingway DECKquiri

Need funding? Enter the Hemingway daiquiri or rather the Deckquiri. The perfect cocktail to complement your investment pitch deck. This would be advisable to enjoy following your investment presentation to potential investors for obvious reasons.

 The daiquiri was named after the famous writer who embraced cocktail culture worldwide. However, the legend was born at the El Floridita bar in Havana, Cuba. The drink, not the writer.

Whether the cocktail consisting of white rum, maraschino liqueur, lime juice, and grapefruit juice stirred up his creative process is up for debate. What is known is that he was an enthusiastic supporter of them.

If you, as the entrepreneur, have finely tuned your pitch deck and it is concise, informative, and enticing, it could be a tantalizing proposition for investors. It should convince investors that your company has enormous growth potential and you just need their investment for the required resources to scale.

Congratulations on your pitch deck! Now, enjoy the fruits of your labor. Just don’t imbibe as many as ol’ Ernest did.

Business-themed cocktail Negrowth Opportunities

NeGROWTH Opportunities 

How about an Italian cocktail that offers a 10x boost? A Negroni that keeps on growing. Fantastical and farfetched? Let’s place the cocktail in a business setting with NeGrowth Opportunities.

You’re having a business dinner in a fine Italian restaurant with a potential client, and suggest the classic cocktail as an aperitif before the meal. A Negroni – gin, vermouth Rosso, Campari, with orange peel garnish, offers a sophisticated segue to your business discussion. Your client’s business can gain a 10x revenue boost; it just needs a directional marketing plan that fits their needs—tailored, concise, and actionable. Not through a high-priced agency that sees the latest video-based marketing platform and says – do that.

With Negroni in hand, you’ve analyzed a client’s growth opportunities and laid out how their data can reveal those actionable insights they may have missed.  You’ve given them a step-by-step marketing playbook in bite-sized chunks. And all before dinner arrives.

Growth opportunities for business exist everywhere. They just have to be strategically uncovered.

Business-themed cocktail 8-Figure Exit Strategin

8-Figure Exit StrateGIN

Gin and tonic. G&T.

3 or the rule of 3, may be considered the magic number in life, but in the entrepreneurial world, it’s eight.

Many entrepreneurs create their companies in their quest for the 8 – figure exit. What better cocktail to strategize and plan an 8 -figure exit than with a G&T. Or its business counterpart –

The 8-Figure Exit Strategin. A classic gin and tonic garnished with some extra success. A simple and refreshing cocktail.

When planning the scalability of a business toward its exit strategy, a simple yet sophisticated and refreshing outlook can be a good mindset to have.

Our guests on the Beyond 8 Figures podcast have shown us it can be done. So yes, it’s a quest, but it certainly doesn’t have to be mythical.


What a year it’s been!

As we enter the festive season, we wanted to take a moment to personally thank our incredible listeners and every guest who appeared on the Beyond 8 Figures podcast.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the experience this year and learned a great deal. It has been a fascinating journey: listening to all the entrepreneurs who have sat in the front seat of the roller-coaster and gone on these incredible journeys. It’s never straightforward! How else do we learn in our businesses, though? Roadblocks and failures have to be looked at through the prism of eventual success. We must keep moving forward, embracing growth opportunities, and avoiding stagnation. 

Even incremental gains must be celebrated. It may seem like progress is crawling at a snail’s pace, but most importantly, it is still moving forward. So be in that appreciative moment. As the small wins all eventually lead to that bigger overall goal.

We hope you all have a happy festive season with your loved ones and a wonderful New Year!