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What it really takes to go beyond 8 figures

Beyond 8 Figures is a weekly podcast featuring interviews with ambitious entrepreneurs who have started and scaled businesses worth millions and conversations with experts in business tools and processes to help you grow.

A.J. LAWRENCE Beyond 8 Figures

Meet A.J. Lawrence

What sets A.J. apart as an entrepreneur is his inexhaustible curiosity. Having led his last company, The JAR Group, to the INC. 500 not once, but twice he knows firsthand what a combination of consistent effort, hard work, and, let’s be honest, lots of luck it takes to create a successful business.

With this podcast, he wants to help ambitious founders like you navigate their way to reaching the notorious eight figures and beyond. Being a journeyman entrepreneur himself, he knows the value of perspective from people who already walked this road. Learn what success really means for them, how to build not only a business but legacy, and their winning tactics and strategies.


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The podcast

What does it take to build a $1 million-plus business? What do you do when you get there? How do you keep growing from there? Beyond 8 Figures answers all those questions and more with real-life stories of entrepreneurs who have started, expanded, and even exited their businesses while making time for their family and living life on their terms. Mixed with experts’ insights in top-level tools and processes, it’s an inexhaustible source of information to help your business reach the next level.

Beyond 8 Figures is for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to learn from the best in the trenches. On this podcast, you’ll hear real stories of success and failure from people who have been through similar challenges, often more than once. Each episode gives you unique insights into the entrepreneur’s mindset, the challenges they overcame, and their motivation for achieving success.

Previously hosted by Steve Olsher, in 2021, Beyond 8 Figures returns to you with the new host, A.J. Lawrence. Stay tuned for weekly interviews with the modern mavericks and the true stories of entrepreneurs who took their business to the next level.

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