Part 1: What is Deliberate Entrepreneurship?

Deliberate Entrepreneurship isn’t something radically new. In fact, it’s something that people have been doing for centuries. We just distilled what we learned from our conversations with outstanding entrepreneurs worldwide and put it into a framework you can use for your own efforts. 

Let us start by telling you what Deliberate Entrepreneurship is not. You won’t find any get-rich-quick schemes or overnight success hacks here. Instead, Deliberate Entrepreneurship is about taking a long-term view and making small, intentional daily steps to get closer to your goal. It takes time and effort, but the results are worth it!

It’s also not about following someone else’s path – there is no one-size-fits-all approach to becoming a Deliberate Entrepreneur. Instead, you have to figure out what works for you and carve out your own path. But we hope this guide will give you some valuable insights and practices to start your Deliberate Entrepreneurship journey.

Deliberate Entrepreneurship works best when you are ready to get your hands dirty and put in the effort. And besides, being a Deliberate Entrepreneur is always a work in progress, not a final destination of your journey. There’s always room for improvement and growth. So now, how do we make sure it helps you create success on your terms?  

In a nutshell: 

Deliberate Entrepreneurship is the process of taking specific, deliberate steps to achieve your goals. It goes beyond your business and applies to your personal life as well, making sure that you are achieving balanced growth and feeling fulfilled on your entrepreneurial journey.  

When we talk about Deliberate Entrepreneurship, we refer to a daily practice of taking small intentional actions moving you closer to your goals. That’s where the magic happens – when intention meets compound effect. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.  

To understand it better, we need to look at two types of practice: deliberate and unstructured.

Unstructured vs. Deliberate Practice

Imagine you want to get better at basketball. You can either go to the court and shoot some hoops or focus on a specific skill you want to improve, such as your jump shot.  

The first option would be considered unstructured (or naive) practice. You’re just going through the motions without any specific goal in mind. You might get better at basketball overall after some time, but your improvement will be slow, and you’re unlikely ever to become a great player. 

The second option is called Deliberate Practice. You have a specific goal (in this case, improving your jump shot), and you’re focusing on improving it. It also matters how you do it: you might make a plan, get a trainer,  break down the skill into smaller parts to work on systematically, and track your results. And sooner than later, you start seeing the progress!

Deliberate Entrepreneurship is the same idea applied to your entrepreneurial journey. It’s focused, deliberate practice to improve your entrepreneurial skills and help your business grow.

Deliberate Entrepreneurship vs. Deliberate Practice

So, earlier, we mentioned Deliberate Practice, but Deliberate Entrepreneurship and Deliberate Practice are not the same! Both require structure and effort but for different purposes.

Deliberate Practice is a method of learning and improving specific skills through repetition and feedback, usually within a particular domain. For example, athletes and musicians often use it to hone their abilities. 

The term Deliberate Practice was coined by psychologist Anders Ericsson, who studied how people become experts in their field.  

He found that Deliberate Practice – which he defined as “activities performed with the specific goal of improving performance” – was a key factor in expert performance.   

This type of practice involves setting specific goals, breaking down skills into different parts, and seeking feedback to improve performance. It’s often uncomfortable and challenging, but it’s also essential for reaching high levels of achievement.



On the other hand, Deliberate Entrepreneurship is an intentional approach to entrepreneurship. It’s more about crafting your entrepreneurial journey with clarity, confidence, and consistency. It’s about taking deliberate action to achieve specific goals, rather than just winging it or hoping for the best.

The Deliberate Entrepreneurship Practice

So why did we call this guide “The Ultimate Deliberate Entrepreneurship Practice Guide”? 

It’s simple! 

The concept of Deliberate Entrepreneurship is all about being intentional with the choices you make in both your personal life and your business. It explains how you can create success on your own terms and have a fulfilling entrepreneurial journey. 

While this may all sound good in theory, concepts are nothing until you put them into practice. That’s why we’ve created this guide, to give you the concrete steps and advice you need to start putting the principles of Deliberate Entrepreneurship into practice in your life. 

Becoming a better entrepreneur is a daily practice just like going to the gym or brushing teeth. You have to be consistent and put in the work day in and day out if you want to make real progress. It won’t happen if you just think about it. 

So Deliberate Entrepreneurship is all about getting your hands dirty. It’s about taking action and trying things out. It means being okay with making mistakes and learning from them. 

The beauty of Deliberate Entrepreneurship is that you can tailor it to your own journey. There are no hard and fast rules because, at the end of the day, Deliberate Entrepreneurship is all about creating success on your terms. However, some fundamental principles will help you make the most of your Deliberate Entrepreneurial journey. That’s what the next section is all about.