Never Lose a Customer Again by Joey Coleman (Book Review)

Many businesses are tired of losing customers soon after they make their first purchase. In Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days, Joey Coleman reveals the secrets to transforming new buyers into loyal, lifelong customers. By focusing on the first 100 days after a sale, Coleman provides tips to enhance customer experiences and boost retention.

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Who is Joey Coleman?

Joey Coleman, a speaker and business consultant. He has spent nearly 20 years helping organizations retain their best customers and employees through engaging keynotes, workshops, and consulting. He is the award-winning author of the Wall Street Journal bestsellers Never Lose a Customer Again and Never Lose an Employee Again.

Born in Iowa, Joey grew up in Fort Dodge, a small farming community. He holds a BA in Government and International Relations from the University of Notre Dame and a JD from The George Washington University Law School.

Joey has a diverse background, having worked as a trial attorney, a White House Office of Counsel member, and with the Secret Service and CIA. He founded Design Symphony, where he helps organizations create memorable customer and employee experiences using his First 100 Days®️ methodology.

Married to an entrepreneur and a father of two, Joey enjoys building LEGO sets, playing board games, and reading bedtime stories with his sons. He is also an experienced artist and singer who has performed at the Kennedy Center.

Joey continues to inspire businesses worldwide with his innovative customer and employee retention approach.

How Can “Never Lose a Customer Again” Transform Your Business?

Joey Coleman’s book Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days offers tips on how to transform customer engagement.

Coleman shares his expertise on turning a one-time purchaser into a lifelong customer. In the initial days after purchase, customers often transition from feelings of joy and excitement to fear and uncertainty as buyer’s remorse sets in. Surprisingly, 20%-70% of newly acquired customers stop doing business with a company within the first 100 days. It’s because they feel neglected during the early stages of onboarding.

Coleman identifies eight emotional phases customers go through post-purchase. By understanding these emotions, businesses can apply various tools and techniques to build solid and lasting relationships. These include in-person interactions, emails, phone calls, mail, videos, and even gifts.

Coleman’s methodology is illustrated through research and case studies of best-in-class companies that create remarkable customer experiences. For instance, during the “Acclimate” stage, customers need clear guidance on using a product or service. Canadian software company PolicyMedical tackled this by turning complex installation manuals into an engaging puzzle for customers to complete.

In the “Adopt” stage, companies can publicly and privately recognize customers. Sephora, for example, rewards its VIB Rouge members with a metallic membership card and a particular shade of lipstick.

In the final stage, “Advocate,” loyal customers are ready to provide referrals. MastermindTalks, an elite entrepreneurial event, keeps its community engaged by offering amazing referral bonuses, ensuring continued loyalty and perfect referrals.

Never Lose a Customer Again is an excellent guide for business owners, CEOs, managers, sales and marketing teams, account managers, and customer service representatives. The book offers easy-to-implement steps that lead to lasting change, increased profits, and lifelong customer retention.

Final Thoughts

Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days by Joey Coleman provides essential strategies for transforming one-time buyers into lifelong customers. By addressing the first 100 days after purchase, Coleman helps prevent churn and build strong customer relationships.

He identifies eight emotional phases post-purchase and shares practical techniques to enhance customer loyalty, illustrated through real-world examples like PolicyMedical and Sephora. These methods are easy to implement, require minimal investment, and can boost profits by 25-100%.

This book is a great resource for business owners, managers, and customer-facing teams, offering actionable steps for lasting customer retention and increased profits.

Grab a copy of this book and start transforming your customer relationships today!