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Imagine achieving sustainable, predictable growth for your company with a customized business growth strategy unique to your goals.

Work with A.J. Lawrence

Hey there, I’m A.J. Lawrence – an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor, but you might know me as the host of The Beyond 8 Figures podcast. I’ve been where you are. I’ve launched, grown, and sold several businesses, so I understand your late-night worries and the weight of every choice. And I’ve seen many talented business owners hit growth ceilings. But it doesn’t have to happen to you. Let me help you overcome your growth issues and scale your business to 8 figures and beyond. 

What I’ve been able to do:

  • 3 Bootstrapped companies sold in the mid-7-figures
  • 2x Inc 500
  • Host of a Top 1% Business Podcast, Beyond 8 Figures
  • I advise multiple companies, sat on three not-for-profit boards and two ventured-backed boards, and am a publicly traded company board member.

Some of the excellent brands I’ve worked with

Dave Sollis, business owner

A.J., I wanted to say WOW! What you’ve done for us is impressive, and showing us all the opportunities and money on the table is eye-opening. I have to say, I thought you were going to sell us on something else or a spin-off in another unrelated direction (you can see how many other marketing companies took advantage of us and ran me into a defensive mode), but now I understand how much actionable advice you gave us. Thank you again. You gave us great guidance, and, more so, I appreciate the suggestions and introductions of partners and resources.

Steve Troy, acquisitions entrepreneur and ex-investment banker

We contacted A.J. for strategic advice and assistance to develop our marketing strategy. Following his advice, we rebuilt our marketing efforts with clear goals and support. A.J. developed these goals, aligning them with my long-term business goals and then guiding my team in achieving them. A.J. was conscious of our budget and focused our early efforts in ways that, for us, were quite cost-effective. We now know that our budget is being used most effectively, and we couldn't be happier with the results!

Reach Sustainable and Predictable Business Growth

To build a successful business, you need a strong foundation. Even experienced entrepreneurs often do well initially, but things get tricky when revenue exceeds about a million. Suddenly, there are more fires to deal with and tons of suggestions from folks who don’t understand your business, but without a proper setup, it’s chaotic. As your business expands, having a transparent system is critical to keeping all the moving parts together.

To keep growing, you must improve your entrepreneurship game. What got you here will take you only sometimes. That’s where I come in. I work with entrepreneurs like you to determine the best opportunities and build a roadmap that works for your unique business and personal goals, helping you stay consistent and focused.

It’s not just about the money. Growing your business can mean a better life for you and your family, more opportunities for your team, and a better life within your business & personal communities. That’s why I’m all about growth. 

Who is it for?

Depending on where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, I can help you on three levels:

Growing your business

Maximize your revenue, create new opportunities for your team, and reclaim the freedom to focus on your passion. I’ll tailor my expert guidance to scale your business efficiently, emphasizing the key growth drivers and proven strategies.

Acquiring a business

Skip the initial months of trial and error. My team conducts a comprehensive audit of your potential business during acquisition. We create a personalized growth plan, ensuring your new venture thrives without unnecessary delays.

Want to sell

It’s not just about increasing your revenue. We’ll elevate your company’s value by boosting revenues with repeatable, tested workflows and processes. Our strategic approach aims to increase your company’s market value and ensure a profitable transaction.

How does it work?

If you’re considering working with me, we can make that happen in a few ways:

Hands-on Fractional CMO

I provide a hands-on fractional CMO role if you want someone to jump into the foxhole with you. These are for entrepreneurs & business owners looking for someone to climb into the trenches with them, build their growth capabilities, and get targeted guidance and expertise on strategic business decisions. I only do a few of these a year. I will focus on taking your company to the next level and building the capabilities needed to exceed your goals. It’s good to know that I usually require a minimum commitment of one year. 

Strategic Advisor

I also take on strategically focused advisor roles to get your growth efforts where you want them to be. A bit less hands-on, but I’ll still be there to get my hands dirty if you need it. Consider it as monthly agreed-upon blocks to work on strategically essential outcomes, with set deliverables each month.


If that feels like too much right now, or if you’re more interested in a marketing collaboration, I have a few other options for you to consider:

  • Increase growth capabilities (6 months) – you’ll have access to my expertise and my specialized team (or we’ll train your team). We’ll work closely to identify and capitalize on your business’s growth opportunities. This option typically involves a comprehensive analysis of your current strategies and operations, followed by the implementation of tailored growth strategies.
  • Finetune your strategy with a growth sprint (3 months) – we’ll collaborate closely with your existing team to refine your current business strategy. This option is perfect for businesses already in motion but requires a strategic overhaul or adjustments to ensure enhanced growth. 
  • Done-for-you growth audit & plan (1 month) – My team will thoroughly examine your business, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and untapped opportunities. Following the audit, we’ll deliver a detailed growth plan tailored to your business needs and goals. 


Throughout our collaboration, I’ll be there for you, supporting you on your entrepreneurial journey and ensuring that your business aligns with your personal goals. I’m not a business coach, but I’ll support you personally and help your business grow. 

Long-term Commitment, Long-term Results

I firmly believe that success doesn’t happen overnight. I don’t deal with quick fixes or shortcuts to success. My approach is about being deliberate with our entrepreneurial journeys, which means taking a long-term perspective and making small, purposeful daily steps to move closer to your goals. It might take time and effort, but the outcomes are genuinely worthwhile.

We concentrate on what matters, steering clear of fleeting trends often distracting entrepreneurs. Our primary focus areas are:

  • Goals, Clarity, Analytics: We prioritize the fundamental aspects that pave the way for remarkable outcomes.
  • Data-Driven Marketing: Our decisions are grounded in data to ensure that your marketing strategies yield tangible results.
  • Team Capabilities: Whether finding the right talent, providing training and effective management, or even stepping in ourselves, we ensure that your team is fully equipped for the growth journey.
  • Systems for Your Freedom: We put in place systems that enable you, as an entrepreneur, to take a step back without compromising your business’s progress.

I work closely with a diverse range of businesses, from your local main street shops to dynamic digital agencies and innovative SaaS companies. Whether you’re a neighborhood staple or a tech trailblazer, I’ve got the expertise to tailor growth strategies that fit your unique business needs.

Lisa Josephs, enterprise SaaS CMO

A.J. is a pleasure to work with. He's a true partner and has become a team player who cares about our business as his own. He's strategic, creative, and truly dedicated.

Chinedu Echeruo, an entrepreneur with a 10 Figure exit

A.J. is very helpful in scoping out an effective growth strategy for my latest company. His particular approach to the needs of our business vertical was especially valuable for what we are building.

Allison Groom, VP Accounts pharmaceutical ad agency

I have enjoyed working with A.J. on various consulting projects for almost 5 years now. I can always count on him to deliver the best possible thinking and to challenge the status quo regarding solutions for our growth strategies. He is a true collaborator, always pursuing "the next big idea" that will help grow a Client's business. I look forward to working with A.J. and recommend him and his team to anyone seeking innovative, nimble, and creative solutions for their company or brand.

Why work with A.J. Lawrence?

You’re not just getting my knowledge when you decide to work with me. You’re also getting access to the intelligent people at Beyond 8 Figures and the Jar Group. My friends, colleagues, and experts in the network are ready to help your business grow, too.

You can expect the latest ideas, helpful information, and lots of help from us. We’ll make your business more robust and more flexible so you can handle anything that comes your way. Whether you want to grow or sell your existing business at a higher price, we’ll get you there.

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