Go Do! by Jeremy Harbour (Book Review)

Go Do!: For People Who Have Always Wanted to Start a Business” by Jeremy Harbour is the ultimate guidebook for those who have been nurturing the dream of starting their own business. If you’ve ever felt the burning desire to be your own boss but were held back by doubts and fears, this refreshingly simple and easy-to-read book is here to empower you and show you that it’s time to make your dreams a reality.

Who is Jeremy Harbour?

Jeremy Harbour is not only a leading M&A expert with investments in twelve countries but also an individual who has been involved in over fifty company acquisitions. With an impressive track record and extensive experience in the field, he has guided professionals from renowned organizations like Moore Stevens, KPMG, Tesco, and Microsoft on acquiring small to medium-sized companies. As the founder of Unity-Group, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his writing.

His book, “Go Do!”, stems from his firm belief that the skills and tactics of successful entrepreneurship can only be truly grasped through practical application. Understanding that many aspiring entrepreneurs feel paralyzed by fear, lack of resources, or uncertainty, Jeremy aims to empower readers to take the leap into entrepreneurship. By shining a light on the crucial first six months of a startup, the book offers a roadmap for navigating the initial challenges and transforming them into stepping stones toward success.

What to Expect from “Go Do!”

Go Do! presents readers with practical and actionable guidance throughout their entrepreneurial journey, skillfully combining insightful content with a clear and engaging writing style. The book is thoughtfully organized, allowing easy navigation through the various stages of business creation.

Jeremy’s writing style is simple and concise, making complex concepts and strategies easily understandable for readers of all backgrounds. Real-life examples and case studies bring the principles to life, offering relatable insights into the entrepreneurial experience.

One of the book’s notable strengths is its ability to challenge commonly held beliefs about starting a business. Jeremy debunks the myth that substantial capital is a prerequisite for starting a business. Instead, he shares his practical strategies for launching on a budget, allowing readers to implement them immediately and with confidence.

Moreover, Jeremy’s expertise shines through in the comprehensive coverage of business planning. He explains market analysis, marketing strategies, and financial projections thoroughly without overwhelming the readers. The inclusion of proven frameworks and techniques further enhances the book’s practical value.

Furthermore, his empathetic approach to addressing the fears and challenges faced by entrepreneurs adds a personal touch to the book. His guidance on coping with setbacks, embracing failure as a learning opportunity, and cultivating resilience is both encouraging and inspiring. Readers will appreciate his ability to instill confidence while acknowledging the realities of entrepreneurship.

Throughout the book, Jeremy’s actionable steps and practical advice serve as invaluable tools for readers. The detailed roadmap provided for the initial stages of starting a business ensures that individuals have a clear path to follow, promoting a sense of direction and momentum. Its structure, combined with Jeremy’s insightful commentary, creates an engaging and enriching reading experience.

Final Thoughts

This book is a valuable resource that combines Jeremy’s expertise, relatable approach, and emphasis on learning through action. By providing practical guidance and sharing personal experiences, he equips readers with the confidence, knowledge, and motivation needed to take the leap into entrepreneurship. So, if you’ve been contemplating starting your own business, this book is a must-read that will give you the confidence and guidance to take that leap and begin your entrepreneurial adventure. The time is now—go do it!

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