Driving Profit with Mergers and Acquisitions with Jeremy Harbour, The Harbour Club

December 8, 2021

Starting a business from scratch isn’t the only way to create profit. Acquiring a business, growing it, and selling it could be a much simpler way to achieve your wealth goals. Jeremy Harbour, the world-leading expert on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joins A.J. to discuss how you could build more wealth than you ever dreamed of by acquiring businesses and selling them for a profit. 
Tune in to hear how Jeremy grew his wealth exponentially by doing this and how you can too. 

About our guest: 

Jeremy Harbour is the founder of The Unity Group of Companies, which specializes in attracting investment and generating opportunities for small or medium businesses to scale. He is also the founder of The Harbour Club. This invite-only M&A training seminar provides students with tools and strategies to buy and sell businesses without capital or taking on debt. 

On Today’s Episode: 

  • Who is Jeremy Harbour? – 0:59 
  • Where Jeremy sees himself in his entrepreneurial journey. – 4:01 
  • How entrepreneurs are the change agents in society. – 4:49 
  • The disconnection between global capitalism and small businesses. – 6:26
  • The three fundamental problems that institutional investors have. – 9:09 
  • The challenges with search funds. -10:29 
  • The funding strategies in Jeremy’s program. – 13:08 
  • Why the best time to sell your business is now. -15:25 
  • The series of epiphanies Jeremy has had on his entrepreneurial journey. -16:05
  • How acquiring a business just for key people can be a great move. – 18:50 
  • What happens when you sell a company. -20:20 
  • How private wealth banking has exponentially grown Jeremy’s wealth. -21:26
  • The criteria Jeremy met to qualify for Private Wealth Banking -26:23 
  • How Jeremy structures his programs so that his students get the most value. -29:22
  • The importance of researching mentors before you invest. -35:21 

Key Takeaways: 

  • There are many types of business funding, and they aren’t all created equal. Securing capital for your business ventures can be difficult and time-consuming. 
  • Acquiring a business can be more beneficial than starting one from scratch because you can take the company that was already built and grow it exponentially and sell it later on. 
  • Selling your business can provide you with opportunities you didn’t realize existed. You can get so much time back and the money to invest in opportunities that can grow your wealth. 
  • You can turn the profits from selling your business into passive income. There are many ways to do this. You will gain so much of your time back to focus on growing what you have. 
  • Investing in business education can give you an enormous advantage. Of course, you should always research mentors before spending money. The right one can hugely impact your success.


You don’t have to build from the ground up to own a successful business. 

[18:37] “You can stick another engine on the plane. You’ve got the organic stuff- your sales, your marketing. The other engine you can add is acquiring business to either give you the product, revenue, or the talent.” 

How can you apply this principle in your business practice? Tell us in the comments, and don’t forget to say hello if you would like to share your entrepreneurship story on our podcast. 


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