Learning How to Play Your Cards Right with Houston Curtis

No matter how much time you spend planning, entrepreneurship is always going to be a bit of a gamble. And, as Houston Curtis has learned, whatever hand you get dealt, you have to learn how to play those cards in the best way possible! 

Houston’s entrepreneurial journey has been colorful, to say the least! During this episode, you’ll get a taste of what his life was like when he ventured into the fields of magic, gambling, and movie-making. Houston has been on top of the world, and he’s been ‘blown to smithereens. As a result, he has an enormous amount of valuable advice to share. 

Below are our top takeaways from the conversation.

5 Key Takeaways from Houston Curtis:

In It For the Long-Haul

"Everyone thinks it’s overnight success, and it never is."

Amongst Houston Curtis’s many entrepreneurial achievements, he built a production company that grossed over $100 million in revenue. He also co-created the biggest poker game in Hollywood history. Reaching these levels of success took years of trial and error and blocking out the voices of people who told him he would fail. Nobody said the entrepreneurial journey would be smooth, but Houston will tell you it is definitely worth it! 

Don’t Become Complacent

“The moment you get complacent in business, you can get crushed.”

When things are going well and the money is flowing, be careful not to get too comfortable. The world is a dynamic place, and no matter what kind of business you are in, it is imperative that you are always looking ahead so that you are aware of the changes that are coming down the pipeline. What Houston didn’t see coming was the demise of the DVD, which (combined with the 2008 crash) ended up costing him hugely. 

Trust Your Gut 

“If you think this is a million dollar business, don’t let anybody take it away from you.”

If you have a vision for something, don’t let anything get in your way! If you have a great idea and you’re being offered deals that don’t sit quite right with you, don’t take them. Houston was seconds away from signing a contract that would have cost him his business, but thanks to following his instinct (and taking the advice of a high-quality mentor). He thrived while others fell around him. 

Find What You Love and Do That

“If you are blessed enough to find something in life that you are passionate about and you can make money doing it, it almost doesn’t matter how much you make because you’re going to wake up every day excited to take that next step.”

From MTV to backyard wrestling to professional poker, Houston has been lucky enough to be able to always make money from doing what he loves. Not everybody has that privilege. But, if you have the opportunity to turn what you love into your career, do it! The key to staying motivated is passion.

Play Your Cards Right

“You need to learn what position to play your cards in.”

Just like learning to play your cards in poker, in the business world, you need to learn when to invest, when to take a product to market, and when to get out. Houston learned to play his cards right at the poker table and in business through many years of experience, some failures, and a lot of determination. 

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