$10M in annual revenue – Nyasha Gwatidzo, Banya

$10M in annual revenue – Nyasha Gwatidzo, Banya

January 22, 2019

Nyasha Gwatidzo is the CEO of BANYA for an excess of 10 Million Dollars
Nyasha Gwatidzo Started A Business From Her Kitchen Table And Ended Up Running A $10 Million Organization Solving A Social Problem

Best Advice I Ever Received

Never give up.

Best Advice I’d Give To Someone Who Wants To Build A $10m+ Business

The first million is the hardest.

In this episode, Mary, Richard, and Nyasha discuss:

  • The difference between a social enterprise and a charity.
  • The demand and motivation that exists to solve a social problem.
  • The benefits of well trained therapy centers for children and how it creates a lucrative business model.
  • The long-term model of giving back to a community in the form of a business.


Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t ever give up, hard work and resilience lead to success.
  • When a charity style passion is invented into a business model it becomes more secure and viable.
  • By coming together to create a solution for the government, you can personal make a profit and save the government money.
  • We must all come together to solve the struggles in our community and help pioneer solutions to those struggles.


“It’s all about love.” — Nyasha Gwatidzo


About Nyasha Gwatidzo

She was born in a rural village in Zimbabwe and came over to the UK in the 1970’s. After finishing her A levels she gained a degree in Chemistry then enrolled to do a PhD at Imperial College, London. Realizing solid chemistry wasn’t her passion, she enrolled and completed Gestalt Therapy and Contribution Training at Pellin Institute. Five years later she gained an MA in Therapeutic Childcare from Reading University so she could work with adults and children with emotional issues. Nyasha is now a qualified psychotherapist, social worker, coach and mentor.

As a black African woman, I faced discrimination throughout my journey but with sheer determination and passion I developed a successful social enterprise.

Her vision for the future is to make global connections and to mentor social entrepreneurs through Walk With Me as well set up a £100 million social impact investment fund, which will help people, especially women, to reach economic independence through enterprise as well as create meaningful jobs for the youth.

Nyasha wrote a book in 2015 after walking the length of the River Thames (206 miles) “Walk with Me through 16 Inspirational Business and Life Tips”. This was then followed by ith a 225km walk across Zimbabwe in June 2017 and more recently completed the Stepping Stones 114 mile walk through the Channel Islands over the course of 10 days in June this year, raising funds and awareness for the charity Vana Trust. Nyasha is also in the process of writing her book “I’m not just a foster carer”.

Nyasha has a husband Paul, three adult children and one grandson. Shehas also volunteered for a number of organisations and won a variety of business and community awards. She enjoys walking and reading and her passion in life is helping children to reach their best potential.


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