The Life-Changing Impact Of Mission-Driven Companies with Nick Desai, HeyRenee

November 24, 2021

What are mission-driven companies and why should you create one? Nick Desai, of HeyRenee, sits down with A.J. to discuss how ideas are just a fraction of what goes into products and platforms. And what really impacts people’s lives long term. Listen as Nick, the former CEO of Heal, shares insight into his new venture, HeyRenee, a one-stop healthcare concierge.

About our Guest:
Nick Desai is a successful serial entrepreneur with the mind of visionary and mission-driven ideas that change the world. He is well-known for his role as the Founder/CEO of Heal. Today, he’s creating a new venture with his best friend and wife, Dr. Renee Dua, called HeyRenee, the patient-centric healthcare concierge that will allow people to manage their health through one platform. 

On today’s episode:

  • Meet Nick Desai, Founder, and CEO of HeyRenee – 01:11
  • Where does Nick see himself on his entrepreneurial journey today? – 03:01
  • How he views the opportunity to create something out of nothing  – 04:01
  • How reevaluating your measure of success from a money-only measurement helps you grow (and how Nick measures his success now) – 05:00
  • The realization that changed his entrepreneurial journey – 07:00
  • How Heal transformed the future of primary care  – 07:35
  • Why your incredible idea is one fraction of resolving customer pain points and where your focus should be – 08:43
  • Why “best” isn’t always best when it comes to finding the right fit for your entrepreneurial team – 13:54
  • Why everyone needs a Renee, and how his team came up with the name HeyRenee – 17:06
  • Three things that have helped Nick take the most difficult steps in his entrepreneurial journey – 20:13
  • Lessons from the trenches in the life of a successful repeat entrepreneur – 24:40
  • How HeyRenee is pulling together the pieces of the healthcare puzzle for the most connected generation in history – 28:41
  • The two ways Nick defines his success as an entrepreneur (it’s not about Lamborghinis and mansions) and his definition of using his money for good – 37:31
  • Nick’s advice to any aspiring entrepreneur out there (and how every no brings you closer to yes) – 41:35.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t let action get in the way of efficiency. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs often operate out of a jack-of-all-trades mindset. But learning what you are truly good at opens the door to more successful ventures.
  • Entrepreneurship is full of the high highs of “I’m changing the world”, and the lows of “we just crashed and burned,” sometimes all in the same day. Bad times are a part of the journey—don’t let them keep you from taking the next step.
  • Success is all about execution. Ideas are common, but the magic happens when you create an actual, life-changing product, platform, or service. Without execution, ideas are worth nothing.
  • To make the world a better place, you have to get specific about what that means to you. Everyone has a “cause” that is near and dear to their heart. Determining what yours is will help you to create more impact.
  • Listening to your “true partners” is even more important than assembling your team. Advice, guidance, and insight from those who know you best can help you make better business decisions. This is why it is crucial to surround yourself with people who inspire and motivate you.
How do through tough times as an entrepreneur?
[25:55] – “If you assume there’s not going to be bad news, you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur. The bad days are the important days.”
What is the most important thing you’ve learned from failure? Share with us how you grew against all adversities and follow Beyond 8 Figures on social media – we share a ton of helpful content there!

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