Will Green_3 Principles for Effective Business Copywriting

3 Principles for Effective Business Copywriting with Will Green, Copy Road

November 1, 2023

In today’s dynamic business landscape, where companies constantly compete for customers’ attention, effective business copywriting is your best chance to rise above the noise. Our guest, Will Green, of Copy Road, shares three key copywriting principles that can significantly improve your brand’s impact, help build persuasive messaging, and establish meaningful connections, ultimately driving business growth and lasting success.

About Will Green:

Will Green is the master of copywriting. He’s the Founder of Copy Road, where he’s teaching others to turn content into cash flow for their businesses. Will is one of the few copywriters to earn 7-figures in royalties, making him the best person to talk to about copywriting for businesses.

Will used to work in a Charleston-based independent publishing house, Joggling Board Press, where he was in charge of marketing and platform development. He became a junior copywriter at Stansberry and further honed his copywriting skills at Money Map Press. Now, he’s helping clients with their copy while also sharing his valuable knowledge through his course “The Hunger Games,” where 100% of profits from buying go towards feeding hungry people.

Mastering the 3 principles of effective business copywriting

With new businesses launching on every corner of the internet, standing out from the crowd can sometimes feel like an uphill battle where you relentlessly compete for the customers’ attention. That said, three principles of business copywriting can make your brand messaging more impactful and effective: Simplicity, Big promises, and Iron-clad proofs.

Firstly, keep your copy simple and straightforward to ensure your message engages your audience. Then, make big yet attainable promises that tap into your customers’ aspirations, showing the exceptional benefits of your product or service. Finally, make sure you back up these bold claims with solid evidence. As you fulfill your promises, you’ll witness firsthand the undeniable power of high-quality copy. Master these principles of effective business copywriting, and you’ll no longer chase customers – you’ll begin to attract them.

Episode highlights:

  • Copywriting principles, though effective, can lose their impact when being overused, making them predictable to the audience. Mastering these basics empowers you to refresh your messaging while maintaining relevance with your audience. (06:17)
  • In business copywriting, less is more. Concise, resonating copy is undeniably effective, memorable, powerful, and persuasive. This minimalistic approach is a crucial principle as it makes your message clear and easy to understand, and ultimately – more memorable.  (07:25)
  • The secret to writing a winning copy is simple – make a big promise to your audience and make sure you deliver on it. The trick is understanding their problem, offering them a practical solution, and convincingly showing that you can and will fulfill that promise. But making the promise is only half the battle; the ability to deliver on that promise is what ultimately distinguishes successful businesses. (08:24)
  • Building genuine customer relationships is a vital aspect of business copywriting that often gets overlooked. Copywriting is not just about crafting persuasive words; it’s about creating a narrative filled with honesty and transparency. This sets the stage for a consistent relationship, trust, and loyalty, ultimately impacting the overall customer experience and business growth. (13:09)
  • While artificial intelligence has many strengths, achieving consistency at scale with it is still a challenge. For instance, AI isn’t up to par yet when it comes to preserving cohesion across different types of content. But paired with human understanding of communication, it can achieve tremendous results. That’s why there’s no reason to fear AI. Instead, embrace it as a powerful business tool for maximizing human potential and accelerating business progress. (26:25)

Will’s best advice for entrepreneurs:

“What works in copywriting is you make an offer that people want, and you make it clear, and then you prove that you can deliver it because if you promise me something I want and you prove to me that you can deliver it, and I can afford your price, I’m going to buy.” (07:25)

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