$37M+ in Revenue – Adam Hergenrother, Adam Hergenrother Companies

$37M+ in Revenue – Adam Hergenrother, Adam Hergenrother Companies

July 31, 2019

Adam Hergenrother Runs Adam Hergenrother Companies for $37M+  
Best Advice I Ever Received: We are spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience. Embrace each moment and experience (good or bad) because they all help you grow. 
Best Advice I’d Give To Someone Who Wants To Build A $10m+ Business: Follow the model. Master the boredom of lead generation. Business building is hard. It is a grind. Master the boredom of the small activities. Stick with it. Enthusiasm is everywhere. Endurance is rare. Get comfortable with that. Hire a coach if you need additional accountability. Do not get distracted by the next shiny object. Success is simple, but not easy. Don’t need all the lead gen sources…just need to work the ones you have. Build relationships and they will pay off ten-fold long term, even if they don’t right away. 

In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard, and Adam discuss:

  • How to think like a CEO
  • The power of vision, clarity, and removing roadblocks
  • Setting clarity and expectations on how to win
  • Developing your own emotional fitness

Key Takeaways:

  • We are spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience. Embrace each moment and experience (good or bad) because they all help you grow
  • Vision doesn’t always mean 5+ years down the road – it can mean the next 5 minutes, hour, or week
  • Success is sequential, not simultaneous
  • Take the time up front to learn about hiring, about leverage, about personal growth

“You always want to provide as much clarity as you can. The more clarity, the faster people operate. It’s not just clarity for your people, it’s clarity for you.” — Adam Hergenrother

About Adam Hergenrother: Adam is the founder and CEO of Adam Hergenrother Companies, which includes KW Vermont, Hergenrother Realty Group, BlackRock Construction, Adam Hergenrother Training, and Adam Hergenrother Foundation.

In less than 10 years, Adam has built these rapidly growing companies into a $1 billion organization through his commitment to thinking big and never giving up. Fearless and purposeful, unconventional and systematic, Adam sets a seemingly impossible goal, then quickly gets to work to develop leaders in order to close the gap. Adam thrives on taking on physical challenges including Bikram yoga, hiking, Ironman races, white-water rafting, skiing, and more. He fuels his mind and spirit with 40 minutes a day of meditation, and spends as much time as possible outdoors with his family and friends.

All of this is simple, but not easy. Life is hard. Business building is hard. There are daily struggles to overcome. It’s about finding the gift in all of life’s experiences and understanding that you have the power to unleash joy!

Adam lives in South Burlington, Vermont, with his wife, Sarah, and three children, Sienna, Asher, and Madelyn.


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