Alternative Investments and Acquisition Entrepreneurship with Stefan von Imhof, Alts.co

Alternative Investments and Acquisition Entrepreneurship with Stefan von Imhof, Alts.co

February 2, 2022

Alternative investments have been gaining much interest in the past few years. So today, we are talking to an alternative investing expert and inspiring entrepreneur Stefan von Imhof, founder of Alts.co, a leading alternative investing community. He’s no stranger to failing and learning along the way to build a business that not only brings success but also points you towards your true north. 

About our guest:

Stefan has always had a passion for analysis and valuations and had years of successful experience in companies like Flippa and HG Insights. He started his first business right after college, he has bought and sold many websites and newsletters., and now is the CEO of Alts.co. Stefan is originally from Boston but now lives with his wife and Boston Terrier, Charlie, in Australia.  

On Today’s Episode: 

  • Where Stefan sees himself on his entrepreneurial journey. -3:15
  • Why Stefan was temporarily afraid of entrepreneurship. -5:55
  • How and why Stefan started The Alternative Investments Newsletter.-8:15
  • The biggest challenges that Stefan faces as an entrepreneur. -12:40
  • Why Stefan feels that there is absolutely no room for the ego as a startup CEO. -14:48
  • Why slow and steady doesn’t always win the race. -15:30
  • Why Stefan still has constraints in his business even though it is successful. -17:10
  • Why the biggest growth hack that Stefan knows is acquisition entrepreneurship. -18:35
  • How hiring and taking on a co-founder had the biggest impact on Stefan’s business. -21:37
  • What entrepreneurs need to know about alternative markets. -37:21
  • How Stefan defines success for himself and his business. -42:15

Key Takeaways: 

  • It’s good for entrepreneurs to go through things that don’t work out because you learn how quickly things can happen and what to watch out for in the future.
  • As entrepreneurs, sometimes we have to let go of that “bootstrapper” mentality of doing everything yourself. We can’t grow the way we need to unless we are willing to delegate specific tasks to focus on the bigger picture.
  • There is no room for ego in business. When people are only interested in pushing their own agendas and not listening to others, they stop working as a team.
  • As entrepreneurs, we can deviate from the path from time to time, but to find success, we must keep pointing to our own true north.
As entrepreneurs, we must protect our time to focus on the bigger picture and achieve more success.  
[13:23] “One of the biggest mistakes I made as a bootstrapper in my first business is that I was so caught up in the day-to-day that I wasn’t seeing the value of where my time was going.”

How do you protect your time in your business? 
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