Brandon Cobb _Build Your Legacy through Real Estate Investing

Build Your Legacy through Real Estate Investing Brandon Cobb of HBG Capital

January 10, 2024

Not many investment opportunities are as rewarding and powerful as real estate investing. However, it requires careful planning and an in-depth understanding of the real estate market. Today, Brandon Cobb of HBG Capital joins A.J. to discuss how real estate can help you generate passive income, ensure financial stability, and leave a legacy for generations to enjoy. They dive into the value of investing in middle Tennessee, the benefits of passive real estate investing, and when to consider jumping into this field as an entrepreneur.

About Brandon Cobb:

Brandon Cobb is the CEO of HBG Capital, assisting busy business owners to build a legacy, retire, and make an impact with real estate investments. He’s a strategic legacy consultant dedicated to providing passive investment opportunities for busy professionals who want to invest in real estate without the hassle of being a landlord.

Brandon worked as a medical device sales rep before becoming a fund manager & licensed GC in TN, managing 20 million+ of new development annually in first-time home buyer housing and build-to-rent communities. He was featured on the cover of REI Wealth magazine, Realty 411 Magazine, and has been quoted and published in Forbes magazine.

Build long-lasting equity with real estate investing

Real estate investing is a smart financial move for entrepreneurs. It’s one of the best investment opportunities because it allows for diversification, which is a key ingredient for a successful investment portfolio. When you allocate funds across various assets, you spread out and diversify your entrepreneurial risk.

This diversification helps you create multiple streams of revenue and a stable income. You also improve portfolio resilience to economic fluctuations and other external factors. But on top of everything, you build a strong foundation for future financial security.

Ultimately, real estate gives you a unique chance to create generational wealth and build a legacy that stands the test of time.

Key Insights:

  • Identify the best investment opportunity and lean into it. Just like in business, real estate investing is also about spotting the right investment opportunities. Once you’ve recognized the most promising opportunity, commit to it with confidence and diligence. This is how your real estate investment portfolio can experience significant growth and returns. (05:10)
  • Reinvent your strategies. The same strategies give the same results, whether it is in business, real estate, or any other investment. Stay flexible to change and ready to pivot when it’s needed. So, when you feel stuck, don’t be afraid to refine and reinvent your strategies. That’s how you achieve progress and ultimately open yourself to a world of new opportunities. (15:20)
  • Shift your growth mindset. When you feel like you’ve hit the growth ceiling, Brandon suggests applying the concept ‘10x is easier than 2x.’ This will force you to think exponentially instead of linearly and redefine your approach to push the boundaries of what you deem possible. (17:28)
  • Hire strategic partners, not employees. Hire proactive people who you can learn from and who can take initiative when needed. Empower them to take ownership of not only their own professional development but also your company’s growth. This hiring attitude will benefit you both, leading to a more growth-centric environment. (18:58)
  • Focus on one thing. Single focus is vital in real estate, just like business. It allows you to think more clearly, make better decisions, and ultimately achieve excellence. So, focus your attention on one opportunity, and don’t stop until you have mastered it! (26:05)

Brandon’s best advice for entrepreneurs:

“If you want to grow a giant pumpkin, first identify the strongest pumpkin early on, cut off all those other pumpkins off the vine, so all of the nutrients goes to that pumpkin.’ And that’s how you grow.” (05:32)

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