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Building a Business That Reflects Your Values with Amanda Thomson, Noughty

June 19, 2024

Purpose-driven innovation starts with aligning a product with core values rather than just chasing market trends. This means understanding what truly matters to customers and addressing these needs. Take Amanda Thomson, for example, who aligned her personal values with her business and developed a range of premium non-alcoholic wines that not only filled a market gap but also established NOUGHTY as a leader in the beverage industry. It’s already available in the USA, Canada, UK, and Europe and continues its rapid global expansion.

About Amanda Thomson

Amanda Thomson is the visionary founder and CEO of Thomson & Scott, where she has created Noughty, the world’s first premium non-alcoholic wine portfolio. With a background as a journalist and broadcaster at the BBC, Amanda used her media savvy and storytelling skills to shift into the entrepreneurial world and study for her Diploma in Wine at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Her commitment to innovation and health-conscious alternatives led her to develop a product that caters to a growing global demand for non-alcoholic beverages.

Under Amanda’s leadership, Noughty became a market leader, being served in some of the world’s top bars, restaurants, and hotels, including The Soho House Group and The Mandarin Oriental. Her commitment to purpose-driven innovation and ethical business practices has not only shaped her company but also made her a recognized industry leader.

How Do Purpose-Driven Innovation Strategies Enhance Brand Value?

Boosting brand value isn’t just about following market trends—it’s about purpose-driven innovation strategies that align with the core values of the business and genuinely connect with customers. Picture this: instead of just launching a new product because it’s trendy, a company dives deep into what really matters to its customers, like sustainability, health, or social impact.

The result? Increased customer loyalty, positive word-of-mouth, and a glowing reputation. Plus, brands that innovate with purpose attract passionate employees who believe in the mission, boosting company culture and productivity. In the end, purpose-driven innovation strategies can set a brand apart, creating lasting value that goes far beyond just making money.

So, how can companies approach this? Start by understanding core values and REALLY listening to customers. Identify key issues where your business values intersect with customer concerns. Develop purposeful products, involve the team, communicate transparently, and measure impact – and see your business grow. 

Key Insights:

  • Focus on quality and branding. High-quality products combined with strong branding can set you apart from competitors, leading to increased customer retention and premium pricing opportunities.
  • Adapt and innovate. Update your offerings regularly to stay relevant. This keeps your brand competitive and can open new market opportunities, ensuring long-term business growth.
  • Develop strategic partnerships. Collaborate with reputable businesses to expand your reach. This can help you enter new markets and increase brand prestige through association with established companies.
  • Educate your customers. There’s a good chance you target audience doesn’t know much about the market. Educating them on the topics beyond your offering can help overcome consumer skepticism, leading to higher adoption rates and customer satisfaction.
  • Be patient and strategic. Scale your business methodically to ensure sustainable growth. Avoid rushing into expansion without a solid foundation to prevent operational and financial setbacks.

Amanda’s best advice for entrepreneurs:

“Having the idea is one thing. Execution is a whole different ballgame.”

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