Changing Lives Through Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship with Kara Goldin, Hint

March 2, 2022

After replacing her insatiable appetite for sugary drinks with an unstoppable passion for health, Kara Goldin founded Hint, which is now an award-winning, multibillion-dollar unsweetened flavored water brand! This self-proclaimed ‘accidental entrepreneur’ joins us on today’s episode to talk about her transformative journey of building a purpose-driven beverage company with no prior experience in the industry, what keeps her motivated, and her ambitious goals for the future of the company.

About the guest 

Kara Goldin spent many years working in the technology and media industries, including for big companies like TIME Magazine, CNN, and AOL. After struggling with health issues that came with being a diet soda addict, she decided to create an alternative drink that is both healthy and delicious, and Hint was born. Despite her lack of experience in the food and beverage industry, Kara’s passion for the life-changing capabilities of her product kept her going, and she has since been listed as one of Huffington Post’s Six Disruptors in Business, Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs, and Forbes’ 40 Women to Watch Over 40! She is also the author of Undaunted, and host of The Kara Goldin Show.

In this episode

  • Kara explains why she refers to herself as an ‘accidental entrepreneur,’ and what her career journey has looked like to date. (03:09)
  • How Kara has built her brand, Hint, from the ground up for the past 16 years. (06:56)
  • Some of the key factors that Kara believes will lead to a successful entrepreneurial venture. (10:09)
  • What effective leadership looks like, according to Kara. (13:38)
  • The purpose that drove Kara to found Hint. (15:44)
  • Why, as an entrepreneur, it is essential that you fully believe in the mission behind your brand. (22:09)
  • Kara shares the valuable lesson she learned when interviewing for a job in Silicon Valley. (26:04)
  • What Kara believes to be her calling in life. (32:00)
  • Goals that Kara has for the future of Hint. (34:10)

Highlights / Key takeaways

  • Your company should be built upon your interests and values.
  • Always prioritize your health!
  • Understanding the needs of your team is essential to good leadership.
  • Combining different types of knowledge and skills can have a hugely positive impact on your business.
Best Advice that Kara would give to someone who is transitioning from a 6-7 to 8 figure business:
Avoid groupthink and be open to engaging with people whose way of thinking differs from your own. “People don’t have to be just like you and have your same experience. When they are coming from a different journey, they may add more value to what you’re doing and help you think differently.” (29:57)
How Kara defines success for herself (32:00) 
“Being able to make a difference. I don’t think I could just go and be an entrepreneur just for the sake of being an entrepreneur once I’ve seen how you can create products or services that change people’s lives. I think that’s my calling.”

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