How Podcasts Boost Your Reach and Revenue with Lyndsay Phillips, Smooth Business Podcasting

June 12, 2024

When done right, podcast guesting can be a powerful tool for business growth. It’s not just about talking; it’s about creating connections. So in this episode, Lyndsay Phillips explains that by being strategic about which podcasts you guest on and repurposing the content from these appearances, you can significantly increase your visibility and attract more clients. Through her experience, she has developed a system that helps entrepreneurs use podcast guesting to boost their authority and drive business growth.

About Lyndsay Phillips

Lyndsay Phillips is the CEO of Smooth Business Podcasting and the host of the Leverage Your Podcast show. She created the Podcast Leverage System to help authors, coaches, and thought leaders use podcasting to grow their businesses. She has been featured on MSN, NBC, Fox, and the Huffington Post, and has spoken at events like Dream Business Academy and Podfest.

With practical tips on repurposing podcast content and building a consistent brand, Lyndsay helps entrepreneurs turn every podcast appearance into a powerful marketing tool. She focuses on actionable strategies that increase visibility, drive traffic to your website, and convert listeners into loyal clients.

Why Your Podcast Guesting Strategy is Failing

Imagine you’ve finally landed a spot as a guest on a popular podcast. You’re excited and pour all your effort into the interview. But once it airs, you notice something strange: there’s no significant boost in your audience or client inquiries. What went wrong?

Your podcast guesting strategy might be failing because you’re treating it like a one-time deal instead of a way to build relationships. Many entrepreneurs work hard to get on shows but then drop off the radar after the episode airs, missing out on the chance to make the most of their appearance.

You need to do more than just show up. Engaging with the host’s audience and reusing the content in smart ways is key. If your show notes are boring or your episode title is vague, people might skip over it, even if you shared great info.

Also, if you don’t share and promote the episode on your own social media with your branding, it can look messy and inconsistent. Ask for the raw audio and video so you can create your own branded content. This helps you get more visibility and reach more people. Build ongoing relationships, repurpose content smartly, and actively engage with new audiences to succeed.

Key Insights:

  • Treat podcast guesting as a relationship, not a transaction. Engage with the host and their audience to build lasting connections. You can always offer to help the host by referring guests, collaborating, or partnering on future projects. This kind of collaboration goes a long way.
  • Be strategic. Choose podcasts that align with your target audience and goals and develop structured interview topics and questions that naturally lead to your call to action.
  • Craft specific calls to action. Provide a clear and relevant next step for the audience, such as downloading a resource or scheduling a call, to convert listeners into leads. The more specific you can be – the better.
  • Create a content calendar. Schedule regular posts of your podcast content on different platforms to keep your audience engaged and ensure a steady stream of visibility and engagement.
  • Track and analyze results. Monitor the traffic, leads, and engagement you receive from each podcast appearance. Use this data to refine your strategy, focusing on what works best for your business growth.

Lyndsay’s best advice for entrepreneurs:

“When you are a guest on a show, that is a privilege. And you want to continue that relationship with that person.”

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