Inspiring Growth Through Intentional Leadership with Adam Sandman, Inflectra Corporation

September 13, 2023

Intentional leadership is a powerful way of driving success and inspiring business growth. But how do you lead your team with purpose? In today’s episode, Adam Sandman from Inflectra Corporation joins our host, A.J., to discuss this empowering leadership style. They talk about the importance of intentional culture-building, the power of coaching teams, and how value alignment helps drive business in the right direction.

About Adam Sandman:

Adam is the Founder and CEO of Inflectra – a company that develops software testing tools, application lifecycle management, and automation platforms. He is responsible for product strategy, technology innovation, and business development. Adam’s programming journey started when he was ten years old, writing computer games and applications for fun. He then went to Oxford University to study Physics, but after realizing that lab life was not for him, he moved to the US to pursue his other career dreams. 

One of his first major jobs was for a consulting firm – Sapient, where he was in charge of development with the U.S. Marine Corps. After a while, Adam decided to jump into entrepreneurship, and that’s how Inflectra was born. Over the years, the company transitioned from a lifestyle business to a growth-focused enterprise and is now a market leader in software test management and enterprise portfolio management space.

What is intentional leadership?

Intentional leadership is not just another leadership style; it’s a profound mindset shift that involves leading your team forward with intention and purpose. It’s all about purposefully paving the path for the entire organization’s development and inspiring unparalleled growth for your business. Intentional leadership involves making conscious choices that align with your values and core mission, fostering a culture where each team member can thrive and contribute to the organization’s collective success. 

As an intentional leader, you understand well the impact of your decisions and actions on the entire organization. That’s why you take a deliberate approach and conscious decision-making to create a positive company culture, forming the foundation for dynamic innovation and sustainable growth.

Episode highlights:

  • Bootstrapping has its drawbacks and limitations, but this financing model is a great way to build a business with a clear purpose instead of chasing the hot money. When you choose bootstrapping, you’re more flexible and independent in your decisions. In addition, as you’re growing and scaling up, you’re continuously reminded of your WHY, which is the ultimate fuel that drives your business.  (04:06)
  • Transitioning from a founder-led sales model to a team-led model might seem overwhelming, but it’s a huge step forward for your business. It allows you to focus on other business growth areas and support your team’s professional development as you scale together to new heights. Since sales become a collaborative approach rather than a one-person job, the business can grow sustainably and manageable. (06:53)
  • It’s important to define your sales process before bringing in new salespeople. By optimizing the sales process and making it as clear as possible, you help new hires understand what steps to follow and how their success will be measured. This allows them to do their jobs more effectively and contribute to the overall growth and success of your organization. (08:10)
  • Intentional leadership is about supporting your team as they drive your business forward. That’s why coaching is a much better approach than managing in a top-down approach. It helps align their growth with company goals, fosters a purpose-driven environment, and ultimately inspires business growth. (17:00)
  • Every company has its own unique culture, so it’s important to recognize the importance of intentional culture-building. By intentionally building a company culture that aligns with your values, you can create a more cohesive and motivated team and enhance employee satisfaction. Satisfied employees who enjoy their work environment tend to remain loyal to the company and its objectives, ultimately resulting in higher productivity and lower turnover. (24:08)

Adam’s best advice for entrepreneurs:

“The culture was more intentional. […] When we interview people, we interview them both from a skill fit and a core value fit. When we look at how we do business, we try and align our business practices with our values. One of our values is called build for customers, not for Wall Street. And the idea is we want to be around for the long term, build things that the customers find useful, even if it may be against the grain of where the industry has gone.” (24:08) 

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