It Starts Inside You with Adam Hergenrother, Adam Hergenrother Companies

It Starts Inside You with Adam Hergenrother, Adam Hergenrother Companies

March 30, 2021

You might wonder what do your feelings have to do with business management? Adam Hergenrother shares his thoughts on what success is and states that it arises from something that starts inside of you. What you feel inside when you reach your goals and your personal fulfillment are just as important as your achievements.

About Adam Hergenrother:

Adam Hergenrother is an entrepreneur and a coach whose principles are based on balancing success, spirituality, and relationships between people. In 2020 Adam’s business was among the top 5 hundred in 5000 with over 1000 percent growth over the past 3 years.

In his book, “The Founder & The Force Multiplier,” co-authored with Hallie Warner, they offer invaluable insights into forming successful partnerships with Executive Assistants or Chiefs of Staff. This groundbreaking resource equips business owners and entrepreneurs with the tools to accomplish goals, scale growth, and achieve more as individuals and a united force.

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How can a business coach help you with business management and growth?

Do you want to grow your business, or need help in business management aspect or improve your entrepreneurial skills? Here’s how a business coach can help you achieve your goals:

A business coach may be a huge asset for entrepreneurs wanting to expand their businesses. A business coach offers an unbiased, objective viewpoint on your company and can provide insights and comments that can result in significant breakthroughs. They assist you in setting goals, creating a successful growth strategy, and maintaining focus on the most important factors.

Moreover, business coach serves as an accountability partner, sustaining your motivation and making sure you keep your word. They can assist you develop your entrepreneurial abilities and connect you with influential people in their network.

In addition, the advice and problem-solving methods of a business coach make it simpler to overcome obstacles. They can help in your personal development by assisting you in overcoming conflicting ideas and forming useful habits.

A business coach can also expand your ideas while helping you in staying competitive in the business world with their knowledge and experience.

In the end, a business coach enhances your chances of success as an entrepreneur by accelerating your growth potential.

Episode highlights:

  • In the beginning, as an entrepreneur, you are the core of the organization. As your business grows, you need to be open to growing your team and getting help. And one day you will realize that you have amazing people who drive your business. [05:55]
  • The hardest decisions in business are always about money and people. You should make the decisions that are best for the organization. If you cannot do that, it will be tough to be a leader from the very beginning. Clear understanding and clear expectations can help you to set the exact direction for your company and its team. [10:46]
  • 20 % of your time equals 80% of your result. You cannot spend your time on all people equally. Instead, you have to focus on those who add more value, who can give you the biggest return. [18:46]
  • The truth is some people will love or hate your business just because of their personal preferences. It does not have to do anything with the quality of your work. As an entrepreneur, you still should build the business according to your standards, be yourself, and focus on people who share your philosophy. [60:27]

Adam Hergenrother’s best advice for entrepreneurs:

“You’ve got to be willing to be authentic. Give yourself permission to be you. There will always be people who love or hate you. You should not let other people’s flavors rule your own path in life and business with your standards and your culture.”

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