Bakari Akil_Master Acquisition Entrepreneurship as a Digital Nomad

Master Acquisition Entrepreneurship as a Digital Nomad with Bakari Akil, Nomad Noir

October 18, 2023

Being a digital nomad and an entrepreneur is a match made in heaven. You live on your terms while working from any part of the world you want. Bakari Akil is the perfect example. This week, he joins A.J. to discuss his unique approach to acquisition entrepreneurship and how he’s managing various business ventures remotely, all while exploring the world and building a community of like-minded nomads.

About Bakari Akil

Bakari Akil is a seasoned entrepreneur and a full-time digital nomad. He’s currently traveling the globe while running his ventures remotely. Bakari is the Managing Director of Graves Hall Capital, an investment firm he founded to acquire businesses. He’s also the founder of Nomad Noir, a platform inspiring black digital nomads to pursue this incredible lifestyle.

Bakari is an expert in sourcing, evaluating, and executing multi-million dollar acquisitions. In addition to all his ventures, he’s a visiting lecturer at Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management. He teaches MBA candidates how to buy a business and pursue acquisition entrepreneurship.

How to pursue acquisition entrepreneurship as a digital nomad

Digital nomadism is a rising trend among remote entrepreneurs, especially those passionate about travel, exploring new places, and getting to know different cultures. Anyone can achieve an exciting lifestyle – as long as their business allows it. Acquisition entrepreneurship can be one way to bridge the gap between the corporate world and the more relaxed lifestyle.

When you acquire existing businesses and optimize them for remote management, you give yourself the freedom to work from anywhere you want. It allows you to step directly into owning and developing a proven business model while remaining flexible. As long as you have the necessary tools, a stable internet connection, and sustainable income, you can enjoy all the opportunities acquisition entrepreneurship provides as a full-time digital nomad.

Episode highlights:

  • The digital nomad lifestyle is very popular among remote entrepreneurs. But making such a huge transition may seem daunting. It can be overwhelming, from setting up your business adequately to lacking a support system. However, if you strive to live abroad, you can always seek help from experienced travelers such as Bakari and programs like Remote Year. (01:50)
  • Despite what some people think, you can become a digital nomad at any age. It’s one of the most liberating and inspiring lifestyles that allows you to travel the world while still working full-time. As long as you have the flexibility to pursue digital nomadism with your job and the income to sustain you, you can embark on this incredible journey anytime. (04:19)
  • Like other business ventures, acquisition entrepreneurship also has its challenges and obstacles. But what truly defines you during these hard times is your mindset. Perseverance and resilience are key to success in entrepreneurship. You can overcome almost any business challenge by staying resilient and pushing forward. To get better at it, adopt a can-do attitude and start believing that success is the only option. (12:32)
  • Being a digital nomad is a life-changing experience that impacts you both personally and professionally. It helps to master the technical steps to build a rock-solid business, broaden your perspective, and see the world through new lenses. Ultimately, this gives you a profound sense of fulfillment, making you a more inspired leader and a better entrepreneur. (18:44)
  • Some aspects of acquisition entrepreneurship require your physical presence. However, in most cases, a stable connection will do the trick. In reality, if you’re considering becoming a digital nomad, effective leadership and strong communication skills are even more valuable for entrepreneurs on this journey. (22:03)

Bakari’s best advice for entrepreneurs:

“This has to happen. There’s no other way I’m going to make this particular thing happen. If you could pull that kind of energy into a goal, and you have the staying power when things get tough, more often than not, you’ll be able to accomplish the thing you’re trying to accomplish.” (13:13)

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