Multiple 8 and 9 Figure Exits – Roland Frasier

Multiple 8 and 9 Figure Exits – Roland Frasier

October 23, 2018

Roland Frasier talks about business from an equity and acquisition standpoint. He also shares how thinking outside the box can bring success and fulfillment in the business world.

About Roland Frasier:

Roland Frasier, a serial entrepreneur, co-founder, and principal of multiple rapidly growing companies, possesses an extensive background in diverse industries, ranging from e-commerce and e-learning to industrial machine manufacturing. With a remarkable track record of founding, scaling, or selling two dozen businesses, Roland is currently the CEO of War Room Mastermind, advising over 150 companies on digitally-centric growth strategies. Additionally, he serves as a principal in several prominent ventures, including DigitalMarketer.com, Traffic & Conversion Summit, Praxio.com, Plattr.com, TruConversion.com, and Real Estate Worldwide.

His relentless passion for business and deal-making is reflected in his book “Zero Down: 5 Proven Steps to Quickly Acquire Businesses + Unlimited Leads for Zero Money Out of Pocket“, where he provides entrepreneurs with practical strategies to acquire businesses without relying on personal funds or credit.

For a comprehensive book review, check out this page.

In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard, and Roland discuss:

  • Getting started with equity
  • How to invest for a good return
  • What risks are good to take, and which are dangerous
  • How to acquire a business

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose a business where you would do what you’re doing for free and find another job to earn money to allow you to do the business you are starting. And… try to find a business that you can sell for a multiple of sales and not a multiple of earnings. SaaS companies are currently one such business
  • Taking a risk on a deal to invest can grow your return if you manage your time well
  • It’s better to invest small in the beginning, then invest everything later and lose it all
  • Keep yourself open to all opportunities and what they may present you

“I try to stay in the strategy lane.” — Roland Frasier

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