Scale Your Business By Knowing The “Why” with Diane Prince, Founder and Entrepreneurial Coach

March 16, 2021

A.J. and his team chat with Diane Prince, founder and entrepreneurial coach, who has 25 years of experience creating and scaling businesses. Now building a business to help founders make the journey easier, Diane shares how she grew and sold her company within 6 years, what made her decide to start coaching and why people should know their “why” when it comes to starting businesses and scaling them.

On today’s podcast:

  • Diane Prince helps entrepreneurs and founders make the journey to 8 figures easier
  • Prince has 25 years of experience in learning what worked and what didn’t
  • Half of her clients are pre-revenue and the other half are revenue around $1M looking to scale
  • It’s difficult to build an 8 figure business without having a strong connection to your “why”
  • Part of what helps scale is not being a perfectionist
  • Diane Prince explains why you should hire people who know their “why”

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