Making the Most of Your Entrepreneurial Journey with A.J. Lawrence, The JAR Group

Making the Most of Your Entrepreneurial Journey with A.J. Lawrence, The JAR Group

May 26, 2021

In this solo episode, your host A.J. Lawrence reflects on the concept of the entrepreneurial journey. He talks about why thinking of entrepreneurship as a journey is a powerful way to stay resilient, the many entrepreneurs he has learned from, and how to build a legacy for yourself. Tune in to discover how to create a mindset that will keep you on the right track as you build your business and improve your life. 

What is an entrepreneur’s journey?

“An entrepreneur journey is just, to me, a framework of helping me look where I want to go; listening to other people about what they are doing on their journey so I can see what resonates with me even if it isn’t directly related to what I am doing. It could be something that helps me a better look at where I want to be going. Or even at a time put in context things that I consider failures in my past to help me put into better context so that it doesn’t drag me down”. – A.J. Lawrence 

Some entrepreneurs you can learn from

Every entrepreneurial journey is different. Here are some entrepreneurs mentioned in today’s episode. Get know how they overcome the challenges, adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of business and achieved success along the way. There’s so much value to these episodes, if you’re entrepreneur and would want to scale your business, I suggest you shouldn’t miss these.

Walker Deibel: Make Acquisition A Part Of Your Strategy 

Mac Lackey: Build an Exit Strategy Mindset Today

Chris Guerriero: $18M Exit, Chris Guerriero, Executive Fitness Club 

David Schottenstein: Use Consumer Accessibility to Your Advantage

Nathan Hirsch:  How to Delegate Work and Hire Effectively 

Adam Hergenrother: It Starts Inside You

Diane Prince: Scale Your Business by Knowing the “Why”

Marek Zmyslowski: Creating an 8-figure Business in the Renewable Energy Industry

On today’s episode: 

  • What is the concept of the entrepreneurial journey? – 01:40
  • Why the best opportunity in life is entrepreneurism. – 2:16
  • What makes the entrepreneurial journey different.- 2:46
  • How using the term ‘journey’ will help you avoid toxic self-talk.  – 3:13
  • Where do you want your entrepreneurship journey to lead you?.- 04:15
  • How you can reset your thinking using the journey framework. – 05:25  
  • What is the legacy you want to have? – 06:16 
  • Curate your mindset through other entrepreneur journeys. -10:09 
  • What all entrepreneurs forget, even though we know it really well. – 12:45
  • Two things you must accept before you are able to improve as an entrepreneur.- 15:18 
  • This is when we learn and enjoy ourselves. – 16:18 
  • How to learn from mistakes without actually making them. – 16:46 
  • What A.J. learned from other entrepreneurs on the show- 17:00 
  • Are there entrepreneurism cheat codes you can use and should you use them? – 19:40 
  • What A.J. is doing for his new business – 21:40 
  • How you can shut out the noise and focus on the insights. – 23:24 
  • Use this method to build towards your legacy. – 25:56 
  • Get tickets to the Group Think festival. – 28:55


Key Takeaways: 

  • Of all the opportunities in life, entrepreneurism is the best way to create the life you want for yourself. 
  • It is not that our journeys are simply different, it is more so that we are presented with different opportunities and use them in different ways. 
  • Using the term journey to describe your life as an entrepreneur will help you realize that forward movement is what matters rather than the destination.
  • You determine the destination you want to get to. Your destination does not have to be like everyone else’s.
  • Take solace in the fact that even entrepreneurs who made 8 figures have low moments and learn from them. 
  • What we want others to think of us is usually what we think is important to us. 
  • Use what resonates with you in other people’s stories to solidify your mindset. 
  • Listening to other entrepreneurs helps us try on ideas and concepts. 
  • It is not only about the risks we do take as entrepreneurs, but the risks we don’t take. It takes lots of hard work and preparation to know how to select what risk to take on. 
  • Entrepreneurism is a process, but there is no set process. 
  • Being able to choose your own path is the beauty of being an entrepreneur. Use entrepreneurism to create the life that you want. 
  • See what resonates, attempt it, and take it on.
  • Think about the legacy you want to leave, consider what matters the most to you, and the impact you want to leave on those closest to you. Use the birthday of someone you are close to to check in on how you are progressing towards the legacy you want to leave. 

Do you believe you are on a journey as an entrepreneur? What is the destination you hope to progress towards? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to say hello if you would like to share your entrepreneurship story on our podcast. 


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