Scaling Innovation for Future-Oriented Growth with Krish Ramineni, Fireflies

June 22, 2022

Humans and technology are converging more and more, and the only way to stay relevant in the technology industry today is by continuously scaling innovation. Join us this week for a discussion with Krish Ramineni from Fireflies on why quality is more important than speed when it comes to innovation and why work ethic is more important than talent when it comes to employees.

About Krish Ramineni:

Krish Ramineni is the co-founder and CEO of Fireflies.ai, an AI assistant for note-taking in meetings to help users gain the most valuable insights from their conversations. Krish was featured on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine: 12 Founders Changing Business 2020 and was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30. 

Episode highlights:

  • Iterating quickly is valuable in the early days to establish your business as a key industry player. However, as your company grows it becomes more important to focus on the quality and sustainability of execution if you want to continue to thrive. (04:30)
  • Listen carefully to what your customers say about your product/service. Feedback from users is the most valuable guide for how to innovate going forward. (11:44)
  • Customers don’t want to change much about how they do things. If you want people to choose your product/service, you need to provide value without asking them to change too much about the way they are currently doing something. (22:00)
  • Keep this in mind when hiring people: Work ethic, hustle, and drive are more important factors than talent, knowledge, and skill. In an innovative industry, the ability to learn quickly and be adaptable is invaluable; you don’t have to be an expert from day one. (25:00)
Krish’s best advice for entrepreneurs:
“The day you stop innovating is the day that I believe the company really stagnates.” (07:05) To keep growing, keep innovating!

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