Here's what our listeners say about Beyond 8 Figures podcast

Vanessa Hollenbeck
from United States
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Awesomely insiteful

I'm blown away at the GOLD MINE of information that this Podcast has collected in a neat package for us. I'm 100% a FAN and will be listening every single episode.
Consulting Cathy
from United States
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Beyond 8 Figures is an inspiration to reach that level of financial success! Thank you for bringing the possible to our podcast app ūüôā Dr Catherine
from United States
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Not just for 8 figure business owners

Even if you're at an early stage in your business, there are priceless nuggets of hard won business wisdom here for you, from people who know what they're talking about!
from United States
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Get Traction Here!

This show is BEYOND just listening to smart, rich wiz kids...Steve asks the right questions that make the success of his guests be an action-packed-wisdom-bootcamp for those of us wanting to be making 8 figures and beyond! Brava!!!
from United States
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Steve does an amazing job of extracting the best of the best out of his guests allowing me as the listener to take the insights and put them into actionable items in my own life. I particularly enjoyed the episode on 6/10/20 with Will Moore of Moore Momentum. Keep it up!
DadTo2 In Texas
from United States
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Information for Everyone!

Started listening today to this and have to say there's a ton of information here for everyone. Worth the time to listen.
Boo_Boo Girl
from United States
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I’ve gotta admit...

The first time I listened to this show I became so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. I listened again and now I’m hooked.
from United States
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Great show and takeaways!

This podcast team does a great job and getting a powerful interview from every guest! What a great podcast to upgrade business vision and game. Well done!
from United States
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Great Business Minds

Great conversation from greaat business minds. I'm still blown away by Clickfunnels building such an empire without any start up venture capital, and going on to bypass would-be lenders and their offers with pure profits.This science is mind boggling. So glad you could have Clickfunnels on the show to uncover how they do what they do.
from United States
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Ep 2: Investing in Africa

Really enjoyed this podcast - I was a bit surprised to hear such a balanced and overall positive impression of Africa from one who was not born there. The gentleman spoke of the diversity of the continent, that what we see in western media does not show Africa's true diversity, and gave a realistic picture of what it means to do business in Africa. Love the shoutout he gave to local partnerships and the character and drive of the Nigerian and Kenyan people. He was a classic entrepreneur - all about the startup and spending only about 4 years on any specific company, but now he's decided to extend his investment and his work to the 10 year point. I enjoyed the podcast very much and appreciate his perspective.
Treste Loving
from United States
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Dr. Angela rocked!! I took a great deal of insights from her and she is definitely someone with a logical way to scale a business. She is intelligent without being condescending. I will listen to this show again.
Allison's itunes
from United States
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Follow your passion

Loved it.I loved that it showed that listening to your gut and following your passion works. NOw of his ideas sounded like they would be what I would do but that doesn't matter. they were what he thought was cool and he got it. that was what that mattered. He GOT IT. Everyone else had to catch up. when they did he was there. my mind is now working overtime. where is my husband. i have to talk to him now!
from United States
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Tons of value here

The wisdom and experience shared on this podcast is insightful and offers a ton of value from top leaders. Anne Hyman’s story about how they imported their beans and what they had to do to make sure they kept their capital. Very interesting!
from United States
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Extreme Value !

Perfect title for podcast - Beyond 8 Figures. The interaction between host and guest brings another level Beyond just the money. Sharing amazing wake-up moments. The episode with Ryan was affirming to see that my niche selling education and expertise has an audience. Great to see my market is not a fad but will be around forever. There will always be children that need to learn. I am energized to move forward with my business. Thank you-SIMA
  • Love the approach and clarity
    by Kimberly Weitkamp from United States
    The team at Beyond 8 Figures, Mary, Steve and Richard, really walk each guest through the details and provide such clarity. The episode with Doug Morneau on marketing has some great gems and everything is explained in such detail! Like a mastermind each episode.
  • Learn from the best
    by Holley Mignosi from United States
    Fantastic Podcasts! I love learning how to scale my business from the best. So inspiring and motivational!
  • Helpful beyond measure!
    by SherryBelul from United States
    I love the energy and enthusiasm. I love the solid business tactics, tips, and best practices. I love the original stories. I love the authenticity. I love the great hosts! This is a great podcast for anyone who wants to learn and grow ‚ÄĒ along with growing your business!
  • Every episode contains a gem
    by ecwhughes from United States
    I love the opportunity to learn from the best of the best. The variety of guests and the ways in which the have succeeded AND exceeded is fantastic. This podcast gives me fuel for my own 8 figure dream.
  • Love this approach
    by AustinSams from United States
    I love how Steve puts a highly successful entrepreneur on the hot seat and walks us through how they got there. First class, all the way.
  • Beyond 8 Figures with Dr. Angela Laurie
    by Mama Dial from United States
    This lovely discussion of Angela’s story and how she built her $20M business is excellent. I enjoyed the direction that Steve took the discussion so that not only did I feel inspired, but am also walking away with some great business tips. Well done!
  • This is a GREAT podcast!!
    by drbillbergman from United States
    I have learned so much from this podcast with Steve Olsher, his team and his guests. I just finished listening to the interview with Dr. Angela Lauria and strongly recommend that everyone listen to this episode!! It provides so much practical information from Dr. Angela’s personal experience on building a successful business from the ground up. I’m looking forward to learning from other guests being interviewed on this podcast!!
  • Steven Sashen of Xero Shoes
    by The Exit Expert from United Kingdom
    What a wide-ranging and encouraging conversation! Steven’s can-do attitude and energy are infectious, and Steve drew out a surprising variety of insights, from the benefits of naturals movement, to business basics and how to manage scale-up. Well worth listening!
  • The Author Incubator
    by Dr Sundardas from Singapore
    Fascinating story of the journey of solopreneur to a $20 million dollar business.
  • Inspiring
    by Awesome Show, Must Listen! from United States
    This show is so inspiring. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 24. I love hearing all the success stories to take things to the next level.
  • Klee Irwin Runs Irwin Naturals/QGR for $100M Annually
    by KimChiarello from United States
    Great show! It’s great to see how creativity leads to innovation. And, how that plus drive can lead to an 8-figure business! Also, neat to learn a bit about the world of supplements!
  • Awesome Channel with Valuable Info for Entrepreneurs
    by Nancy Showalter from United States
    This channel offers so much practical info it is a gold mine. Listened to Dr. Angela Lauria’s interview and was so impressed. I learned a lot and loved how she went through each step of the way to build her business, which included her own self-development. Also value the info about building your business to sell it. Awesome advice.
  • Powerful and Impactful
    by jkcsun from United States
    Wow, I love this podcast. As an up and coming entrepreneur I found so much value in these episodes. I really got a lot out of the July 31st episode and just hearing his story and that it‚Äôs important not to overlook the practical while your creating the long term vision. It was refreshing also to here the inward journey he took that catapulted his success…Thnx, Dr. Jeff Kowachik
  • Beyond 8 Figures Podcast
    by ER HeadNurse Manager from United States
    WOW, I loved the authencity of the podcast down to do we have everybody plugged in, the upbeat attitude, the knowledge learned and the entire interaction from someone who is younger then 40 like David Schottenstein that took a novel approach to a service that’s been done for years, yet upped the game therefore able to exit at 50M. The energy, directness, and scale is diffently a goal to aspire towards.
  • Even applies to the newbie
    by Susan Dascenzi from United States
    I’ve been a successful entrepreneur but am currently rebranding and starting over. I’ve only listened to a few episodes so far, but what I like about this podcast is that the #’s may be different depending on the stage one is in, but the concepts, challenges, and goals essentially aren’t. And so it doesn’t matter if it’s someone who exited or is currently involved – I’m learning, aspiring, and growing from this podcast and seeing how various things apply now and can/will in the future as I continue to grow. Thanks you guys!
  • Cameron Mitchelll
    by Bridgit7 from United States
    Steve This was a great episode with Cameron Mitchell. Your and your staff‚Äôs Detailed questions open the door to the many questions all striving entrepreneurs Have. I so enjoyed hearing the process ofCameron going from recognition of his desire to owning a really wonderful Restaurant business, not one but many.His emphasis on the culture of values his company holds and examines regularly Impressed me. It reminded me of a striving colleague. So I spoke with her at breakfastAnd she is beyond delighted to know thisKind of knowledge is available through yourPodcast. She remarked ‚Äú in this small area in upstate NY there is no one to ask theseKinds of questions‚ÄĚ ! Bravo to you Kelle and Rich. And to Cameron MitchellWhat a hearty meal this was!Dr Carol Joyce. NYC
  • How to maintain happyness?
    by Erneste Carla Zimmermann from Germany
    Great talk. Never delegate team building or mindset. What you believe to be true about yourself & the world matters most! Focus on change of mindset & behaviour not of strategies and have fun doing what you love & what you¬īre great at. For anything else hire a great team.
  • Top Quality Podcast For Entrepreneurs
    by Planet XEO from United States
    Steve, Richey, Mary and Guests of this show are amazing! Have listened to every episode so far and the value, the insights and the information shared regarding scaling and exiting a business as well as the ways to grow revenue (and identifying what needs to break to get past $1MM to $10MM and beyond) is profound, insightful and appreciated. Thank you Steve, Mary and Richey for getting the good stuff
  • Motivating stuff!
    by Killa20123 from Australia
    Just listened to the episode with sabri suby and his digital marketing agency, king kong. Interesting how he started from the bottom being deep in the trenches himself giving him real business experience to run his agency!Love the people you get on here!
  • Happy New Listener
    by Rips Mom from United States
    Just started following Steve and am learning so much already. This is great stuff!
  • Listen to this podcast even if you haven’t reached 6-figures!
    by The Kim Sutton from United States
    Alright, I admit that I didn’t listen to all the hype and subscribe to Beyond 8 Figures because… well, I haven’t even hit 6-figures in my business yet. But holey crap. Every episode hits me like a bag of bricks with huge “ahas”! Listening to Melissa Krivachek right now and LOVE that she mentions the guard dog (assistant) that protects her time. BAM! Keep going, Steve, Mary and Richy! I want to be a guest some day and give credit to the nuggets you and your guests share!
  • Learn from Successful Business People
    by ScoHarr from United States
    Diverse guests – some more engaging than others, but all have interesting stories. The hosts dive deep into the numbers, sometimes att the expense of the conversation. The best moments are more about the concepts and challenges experienced – the “how” and “why”- rather than the “how much.” As there are 2 or 3 hosts interviewing, ometimes the questions seem a bit disjointed, but I expect the brand and “voice” will evolve in the future.
  • Three Co-hosts Bring Out the Best in Guests
    by Steven Dent from United States
    Steve and company bring 3 different takes to the guest interview, and I think that is partiicularly important when interviewing business owners who have broken the 8 figure barrier. Lots of interesting guests and well produced.
  • Love the 2 Comma Club!
    by Devi Adea from United States
    Such a great conversation!!!! Just love this show and the hosts and awesome guests! Leveling up just by listening! Thank you!
  • Entrepreneurs – LISTEN!
    by @smtotman from United States
    This is a podcast that every single entrepreneur should listen to. This is not the usual business podcast – Steve’s guests have been there, done that and want to share how they did it. Steve is adept at getting people to open up and share and he won’t give up until he gets the answers. LOVE IT!
  • Quality Guests and allows for Messy. Real
    by Bigoc23 from United States
    I listened to the Podcast with Naveen Jain and I like “The Teamwork” displayed by the Podcast team Steve and Richard between 5 minutes and 8 minutes. The team allowed for “Messy” and kept that in (didn’t edit it out which is “Real to Life”) … feedback is take notice of State of guest and look to mirror the enjoyment and intensity of the guest even if it is going a little more “Organic” than the intended/expected result, I saw . Would have also liked a little more info prior to each podcast on itunes -3 to 4 highlights that I am going to receive from the Guest/Podcast.
  • No fluff so far!
    by ryanbasham from United States
    Totally digging this podcast so far. They ask the questions I really want to hear answered that others might not have the fortitude to ask, while remaining warm and friendly. Not a snooze fest!
  • Great information!
    by Beckyjones001 from United States
    This is way ahead of where I am in my business and it is super helpful in setting goals.
  • Hay hey house!
    by design jab from United States
    The founder had a giving mission for publishing books for her friends. An accountant in the company, Reid Tracy, made all the difference with the success of this publishing company and with great humility. Ingenuity and belief were the sauce for this great publisher! Great to hear this story unfold!
  • Neat
    by The Medical Strategist from United States
    The podcast is presented in a neat, clean way with plenty of useful information. The shows are engaging and interesting, helping inspire to greatness.
  • Real insights into real business
    by Dietrich Busacker from Germany
    Awesome podcast about medium businesses. For me as entrepreneur, it brings real insights that give me a lot of inspirations. Great interview partners, I love how Steve asks questions and going deep so that the interviewees really provide so valuable content. Strongly recommended!
  • Reid‚Äôs Interview
    by GOBIGMN from United States
    That‚Äôs It – dig into Reid‚Äôs Treasure Chest of inspirational knowledge and truths – keep digging Steve and team – nice job! Listening to them all…
  • Graphic Artist / Business Owner
    by CeliaYoung from United States
    Loved listening to this Podcase – I own a small ad agency and its been a dream to grow the business. The insight provided by your guest was amazing! I loved your questions about her processes and how she scaled her business.
  • Viki Winterton-Passion and Integrity
    by Cindym37 from United States
    Great podcast with Viki who talked about passion and integrity!! I think both of these aspects cannot be absent in starting a business. As she said the tools are out there and I agree, but a business without them will only be work and a job. -Cindy Massey
  • Next Level Business Ideas Found Here!
    by Jon Schumacher from United States
    Business podcasts are a dime a dozen. But very few bring in the caliber of guests that Steve and the crew does here at Beyond 8-Figures. I highly recommend you subscribe right now and learn from some of the best!
  • Review
    by ProcureSmartAPS from Poland
    Hi very expiring show, to hear first hand the experiences of successful entrepreneurs snd the road they tool in developing their businesses not always laid in roses but also with downsides. Nevertheless they continued perceiving their idea, had to change course and even sell their businessess. I am a starting business owner in the coaching and training of small business owners area (purchasing processes) so every advice is welcome. Congrats!
  • Love it!
    by PhoebeMroczek from United States
    As an entrepreneur, I really enjoy this show! The questions he asks are great and I look forward to more exciting people and topics!
  • Janice Mochai
    by Es-star from Kenya
    These are motivational insights for anyone who is trying to start up their own business.Though each person’s circumstances might be different, there are things we learn from each other.Thanks for sharing.
  • $11M Exit- Viki Winterton, Expert Insights Publishing
    by Dr. Maryann from United States
    Beyond 8 Figures is a great Podcast for all entrepreneur, even the beginner. The tips Steve Osher is able to get his guests to reveal are amazing. One tip Viki Winterton gave that is important for the beginner is to be very careful to keep your company’s vision front and center and not get caught up is just expanding to expand. Another tip is to remember that relationships mean everything, not only as you’re beginning but throughout the years you’re in business. I’ve listened to several Beyond 8 Figures poscasts and I’ve always come away with some really important points to keep in mind as I grow my business. Dr. Maryann Miller
  • Super Insightful
    by thePricingLady from United States
    Interesting discussions with people who have not just made it but who have truely excelled at scaling their businesses. Full of great insights into how entreprenuers / business owners can take steps to growing their businesses on a large scale.
  • Great show
    by Rouan Kruger from South Africa
    Love the mindset behind scaling to 8 figures. Loved the Anik Singal hit the nail on the head when he was broke, about how he went back to basics and scales his business by serving his already existing customers better.
  • Steve doesn‚Äôt hold back
    by Nathan Seaward from United States
    This is a no nonsense look at what it takes to scale your business to 8 figures. Steve is not afraid to challenge his guests and push for the real life answers to the issues facing entrepreneurs. One of my favourite shows!
  • Every entrepreneur should subscribe to this show!
    by Michael Levitt from Canada
    Steve, Mary and Richard have created a show that didn’t exist prior to now. Entrepreneurs that have been so successful that they were able to exit their success story is an amazing concept of a show! Entrepreneurs don’t often think about the conclusion of their organization, but they should and this show provides epic good insights on how the extremely successful leaders did just that, in a way that carries on the legacy of what once was just a dream.A must subscribe!
  • Who are you hanging out with?
    by Mindset Missionary from United States
    Love the concept. If you’re going to become the average of the 5 people you hang out with most, why not hang out with people at the top? It’s hard (impossible?) to change your perspective and gain insight on your own. You need to listen to people who think differently than you do. This show lets you do that.
  • 100m in revenues
    by Rico Caveglia from United States
    I reall enjoyed Reid Tracys story about the success story of Hay House, especially sinceit offers such beneficial programs of people making a big positive differience the world.Great always Thank you Steve.Rico Caveglia Fearless Aging Podcast
  • Amazing Content
    by The Note Guy from United States
    You have to love the insight that Steve and his guests share. It’s a must listen to for anyone looking to grow their business. Thank you for sharing!
  • Awesome Show
    by Alyson Franz from United States
    This is a new show that is off to a great start. Steve interviews high level entrepreneurs who think outside of the box and share inside information about their success and how they run their companies. Steve digs deep and the interviews are very interesting. As an author myself, I especially love the interview with Reid Tracy of Hay House. I definitely recommend this show!
  • Chris Lochead Mercury Interactive–Cindy Massey
    by Cindym37 from United States
    What I like most about this interview is that first it was down to earth advice. Second, stand out be different and then claim it. Clain the niche! Great going Steve, another winner. I would add my own quote: Dare to be different.
  • Required Education for Growth-Minded Entrepreneurs
    by Janny-Jan from United States
    Congrats on creating a needed and timely new podcast. I’m loving the energy between you, the crew, and your guests (although maybe take. a. breath. and take in what’s being said before diving into the next question :-). In this age of so-called overnight success and easy-breezy get-rich-quick talk, it’s really helpful to hear just how much struggle each accomplished mogul endured, both business-wise and personally, often for years. And how much they value their own spiritual growth as part of the formula behind their success. Thank you for sharing these inspiring stories!
  • Required Education for Growth-Minded Entrepreneurs
    by J._W. from United States
    Congrats on creating a needed and timely new podcast. I’m loving the energy between you, the crew, and your guests (although maybe take. a. breath. and take in what’s being said before diving into the next question :-). In this age of so-called overnight success and easy-breezy get-rich-quick talk, it’s really helpful to hear just how much struggle each accomplished mogul endured, both business-wise and personally, often for years. And how much they value their own spiritual growth as part of the formula behind their success. Thank you for sharing these inspiring stories!
  • New Level of Information
    by Linda Pheonix from United States
    I love this show. This is a new level of information that you don’t typically hear. These are well-seasoned entrepreneurs. It’s inspiring and keeps me wanting to hear more!
  • Expand my Mind
    by Brande Weber from United States
    8 figures felt like something that isn’t even in my reach in my lifetime. However, after listening to these podcasts I realize I need to dream bigger and keep focused on my goals. I would have never thought I could even accomplish something like this due to a limited mindset around money. This Podcast has expanded my mind and beliefs about what is possible for me. Thanks!
  • Hosts That Ask Guests the Questions You Want Answered
    by Lori Barr from United States
    Even if you have routine access to 8 figure entrepreneurs, you may not have the opportunity to ask the probing questions Steve, Mary and Richard ask week after week. Worth every moment of listening.
  • Qualities of Character
    by Silt Lv from United States
    occasionally hilarious, sometimes tense, impressively open and real‚Ķ. good show.The ‚Äúteam‚ÄĚ of interviews allows for a broader and appropriate conversation navigation and they seem to tag team very well. It also seems their questions are getting better and more focused with each interview. raw real insights how what it takes, which mostly are coming down to qualities of personal character.
  • Awesome advice from amazing people
    by BeingRaluca from Romania
    I loved the episodes I listened to so far, they’re entertaining and packed full of insights into life, business, making money and living a meaningful life.
  • Gems!!!
    by Dragon of dreaming from United States
    I am just getting ready to launch the fund-raising portion of my nonprofit and these podcasts are the perfect inspiration! Many valuable business gems! Thank you!
  • Great Insights!
    by Lindello22 from Australia
    The podcast interviews all reveal great info and insights from those who have been there, done that! (growing business/es to beyodn eight figures)
  • Entrepreneur
    by Prophet 4 from United States
    This podcast is adding a tremendous amount of value to my life. Thank you!
  • Surprising insights!
    by soymilagro from Australia
    Interesting stories from ‚Äúbehind the scenes‚ÄĚ
  • Like It !
    by L Clasby from United States
    Great guests. Great Interviewer. Golden nuggets in each episode. Looking forward to future guests.
  • Reid Tracy
    by Danielle L F from United States
    It was Great learning about her house. I love Louise hay and I love the story around the whole Hayhouse company. Thank you for sharing.
  • Amazing insight
    by LTSportPsych from United States
    Great guests and insight no matter what industry you are in or where you’re at in your business.
  • Well Worth Your Time
    by kregan- from United States
    The mindset in the world of multi million dollar enterprises is different. This podcast gives you the viewpoint and experience of some of the best VERY successful entrepreneurs around.
  • Possibilitarian
    by GailSimard from Canada
    I’ve listened to all the podcasts and learned so much. I especially loved the interview with Reid Tracy from HayHouse. I’m a big fan of their books and have attended over a dozen of their live events, where Reid is always available and meeting fans. Also really loved hearing Brian Smith’s story (met him at events too) and learning so much from Naveen Jain. This is a podcast I’m looking forward to.
  • Pivotal Podcast
    by N Franc from United States
    I’m in a point in my life where I’m trying to figure out the best steps to move forward, both in life and with a potential business. There are so many great pieces of advice scattered throughout each episode. By listening to this podcast, I hope all the nuggets of wisdom can help me get over the walls blocking me from succeeding in my own life.
  • Very informative
    by NicoleO0717 from United States
    This podcast is fun, upbeat, and transparent in its delivery of interviews with 8+ figure entrepreneurs.
  • The next level
    by Morgana_Rae from United States
    How many business podcasts are interviewing the same people, covering the same information, yada yada yada? Stevel Olsher breaks out of the pack, playing with the BIG KIDS of profit, scaling, impact. Sooo interesting to hear how they get there and how different the thinking is between 7 and 8 figures.
  • Keeping up with each new episode is just a no-brainer! ?
    by scottsdaleyorkiemom from United States
    Like everything visionary entrepreneur and thought leader Steve Olsher puts out in the world of business building, marketing, and lifestyle — Beyond Eight Figures has already turned to gold (just like the beautiful show branding ?)I’m not such a big fan of the ‘morning zoo’ format and the ‘down these mean streets’ language… and here’s the thing:1 it’s good thing to get out of my comfort zone in reasonable increments on a regular basis ?2 the content is so valuable and entertaining that for me keeping up with each new episode is just a no-brainer! ???Thanks for this insightful, savvy, poignant, and inspiring addition to your impressive business repertoire, Steve!
  • Beyond 8 figures, great content, straight up…
    by DreamBigToday from United States
    If you want a lot of fluff, then this is definitely not the show for you. This cuts right to the core of what it really takes to build, create, and sustain an 8 figure biz. You’ll get a peek inside what works and what doesn’t from experts who are and who have done it. Enjoy the ride!
  • Unveils deep wisdom
    by TheDarkLord24189 from United States
    I absolutely loved the interview with Naveen Jain. What brilliance was uncovered. Actually, now I’ve listened to the additional ones as well, does not disappoint! I took many notes on key points of wisdom both for life and business. I can’t wait to listen to it again & to the others. Thanks Steve.
  • Fantastic, Thoughtful & Meaningful
    by Fav. Ferret from United States
    Really insightful inside strategies on how super successful businesses have made it.I will keep listening!
  • Beyond Expectations!
    by another8hours from United States
    Love this show! Steve, Mary, and Richard are rockstar interviewers with the ability to maximize the depth of the conversation with each and every guest. I’ve been amazed at how much each guest is willing to reveal, and their journeys are incredible. Keep up the great work!
  • Love the new show!
    by Women Talk from Canada
    I love, love, love the idea of a podcast about people who have succeeded BIG TIME with their business!Once you reach your smaller goals (6 & 7 figures), you must move on from what you did to get there, and set new goals with new mentors! Next step is learning from the 8 figure entrepreneurs Рit’s a whole different ball game!!!There are so many lessons to be learned from these inspiring leaders!Thank you!Brigitte
  • 100 M in Annual Revenue, Reid Tracy,Hay House Publishing
    by Dr. Maryann from United States
    This is great information for, not only publishing houses, but for any business that hasn’t looked into scaling their employees for business growth. The growth of Hay House into a 100 M dollar company has also gave rise to the designation of “New Age” books which has helped catapult authors who may never have had the opportunity to make the best sellers list. What a success story.
  • Lurn–Cindy Massey
    by Cindym37 from United States
    I liked Anik’s openness. I also enjoyed his story about how the business went down and how he had to go back to basics or what made his money in the beginning. I like what you are doing regarding putting a mindset out there that it is more than the brass ring, it is service to the people and all of your guests are saying that in their own way! Thank you Steve Olsher!
  • This is next level…
    by HowieRocks from United States
    To get to the next level you need to learn from people that are already there Рthis is awesome! So many people focus on getting to 6 figures (which is awesome) but when you’re ready to get to 7 or 8 you can feel like you’re on your own Рnot anymore you can apply this stuff now!
  • Real Interviews
    by Time you will never get back from United States
    I love that Steve left in the entire interview so people can hear what it’s like to interview a person of this caliber. Too often people would cut that out so the listener thinks the interview was easy and all went perfect. But Steve worked through the interview and allowed Naveen to provide great content. Well done.
  • Love Steve Olsher!
    by CrystalHK13 from United States
    I absolutely love everything that Steve Olsher does and this podcast is no exception. Thank you for bringing all these wonderful interviews into my space.
  • Next level
    by Blake4 from United States
    I have been looking for a way to take it to the next level. ????
  • Access To Amazing Guests
    by cwjahnke from United States
    Steve Olsher and his team have found at least 17 ways to develop real relationships with amazing influencers and they bring those people front and center to teach average people how to do the same and how to benefit from the wisdom of many of the world’s highest performers. For example, learning from Reid Tracy and his experience with Louise Hay and Hayhouse, is an invaluable investment with your time.
  • Focusing on Excellence
    by MusikBoy from United States
    Steve’s new show: Beyond 8 Figures has a specific mission which is to help listeners understand how those who create big businesses think. Seeing the world from the perspective of those who have “done it” is different than those who have not made it that far. Steve’s brilliance is in how he extracts the specific thinking patterns and natural decision making process that only those who are generating $1M a month posess. A brilliant show, great story telling and actionable details make this show very special.
  • Great insights!
    by Stacey Copas from Australia
    Great behind the scenes insights on how to scale beyond what most of us can even imagine. Helps to make it real and inspire growth.
  • Growing into a billionaire
    by BillionaireBoss from United States
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  • Shut up and listen
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    I am a podcaster and so I know first hand what it’s like to wonder down a road my guest is not willing to go. Having a co-host or two can make a big difference. Great work guys. It was my thrill and pleasure to listen, learn, and grow from every dang word.
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    As a business entrepreneur for most of my life, I find it fascinating to hear about people who earn beyond 8 figures. I am interested in learning what skills and qualities are necessary to move into that stratosphere and be a part of an 8 figure business. Having Steve pull back the curtain and reveal the secrets is so valuable, and I hope other entrepreneurs will find and learn from this valuable podcast. Steve also makes it interesting and fun!
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  • 8 Figures is the New 6 Figures
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    The Beyond 8 Figures Podcast challenges listeners to imagine making more money than most even dreamed of by interviewing entrepreneurs who have done it. Its an eye-opening look at what’s possible if you think BIG.
  • Thanks for tuning in!
    by Steve Olsher from United States
    When me and my Reinvention Radio team sat down to give consideration to starting our first NEW podcast in almost 9 years, unanimously, we knew that we wanted to focus on one thing… BUSINESS. For years, we’ve shared incredible stories of inspiration and transformation on Reinvention Radio and, often, we delve into the world of business. However, given that much of the show is dedicated to understanding how people have reinvented their lives, it left little room to REALLY dive into uncovering the key differentiators that empower certain businesses to soar to 8 figures and beyond, while most businesses struggle to reach 5 or 6 figures. And, this is the core mission of our new show, Beyond 8 Figures. To sit down exclusively with entrepreneurs who have either exited for more than $10,000,000 or currently run $10,000,000+ businesses and grill ’em until they share their proven tactics and strategies. This is not your ordinary business podcast. There is NO fluff. We don’t ask ‘set’ questions. We ask the questions that YOU want the answers to… the answers that will empower YOU to Start, Scale or Exit. We hope you enjoy the show and encourage you to connect with us at Beyond 8 Figures dot com. We look forward to hearing your feedback.
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    Thank you! Amazing mindsets, great role models for changing peoples life, citys and countries with service and products, how support humanity.
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    I’ve been following Steve for a few years now and when I saw he was launching this new podcast it was a no brainer to sign up. What I love about this podcast is that it challenges me as an entrepreneur to set higher goals for my company and helps me learn from some of the leading thinkers in the business world. I love his interview style and his insights and experience about business helps me become a better entrepreneur. My goal is to build my business Beyond 8 Figures so that I can interview with him on this show.
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    Great podcast with exceptional guests to help develop the mindset that can take our business to 8 figures and beyond!!
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