These 10 Podcasts Will Make You A Better Entrepreneur

In the past few years, there was a real boom in entrepreneur podcasts and they have become a leading source of insights and inspiration for many business owners. Podcasts for entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes and cover a great variety of topics, from starting a company to planning a successful exit. And if you have a question in mind, someone likely has a podcast about it. There are so many to choose from, but how do you know which one is right for you? 

A few things that you can look at when choosing a podcast to listen to are the host’s experience and passion for the topic, formats (interview, monologue, panel, etc.), and the length of the episodes. Time flies with a good podcast, but if there’s no “chemistry,” even the most insightful shows can feel like a drag. 

Why should you listen to entrepreneurship podcasts?

Podcasts are a great source of information for entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, from those learning how to make better decisions to the ones looking for mentors and getting inspired.  They provide real-life stories from entrepreneurs who walked the walk, offering practical advice that you can apply to your own ventures. Entrepreneurship podcasts make knowledge accessible to everyone. You can learn directly from successful entrepreneurs you look up to and use their experience to avoid making the same mistakes on your journey. 

You can also pick up lots of practical skills, from marketing strategies to time management techniques. But when it comes to becoming a better entrepreneur, we found three key areas that you might want to focus on. We are talking about Personal Skills (including Entrepreneurial Mindset), Interpersonal Skills (or Entrepreneurial Skills), and Business Skills ( a.k.a. Practical Skills).  And these are the areas we wanted to focus on in this article. 

Top 10 podcasts every entrepreneur should consider

Of course, the podcasting market isn’t short of brilliant shows that can help seasoned and budding company owners grow their businesses and navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. We’ve picked 10 shows for you that we think are a great place to start: they feature successful entrepreneurs, industry experts, and experienced mentors who provide practical insights that you can apply to your own entrepreneurial journey. So, in no particular order, here they are:
  • How I Built This – hosted by Guy Raz
  • The Tim Ferris Show – hosted by Tim Ferris
  • Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders – hosted by Sara Menker and Hans Tung
  • The Gary Vee Audio Experience – hosted by Gary Vee
  • Smart Passive Income – hosted by Pat Flynn
  • HBR Ideacast. (The Harvard Business Review podcast) – hosted by Alison Beard and Curt Nickish
  • Entrepreneurs On Fire – hosted by John Lee Dumas
  • Masters Of Scale – hosted by Reid Hoffman
  • This Week In Startups – hosted by Jason Calacanis
  • Beyond 8 Figures – hosted by A.J. Lawrence

Let’s dive into each of them! 

Personal Skills

Everything from developing clarity to learning self-efficacy falls under the entrepreneurial mindset group. These are the core skills you focus on to become a better entrepreneur regardless of your business or industry. 

If you want to improve your focus, strategic thinking, and motivation, these entrepreneur podcasts are an excellent fit for you.

How I Built This – hosted by Guy Raz 

How I built this - entrepreneur podcasts

Guy Raz, a journalist, and radio host, delves into the entrepreneurial mindset through storytelling. If you want to find out how the world’s most successful companies came into being, this is a great podcast. Decisions, strategies, and flat-out mistakes motivated these entrepreneurs to do what they did.

Listen to this podcast if you want to learn the exact frame of mind it takes to build a successful company. These founders share their entrepreneurial journey and show how they persevered. Nothing will be smooth sailing. It will be your “why” that determines if you stop and give up, or if you navigate your way through problems  – keeping the big picture in mind.  

The Tim Ferris Show – hosted by Tim Ferris

The Tim Ferriss Show - entrepreneur podcasts

Tim Ferris, entrepreneur and best-selling author, inspired many entrepreneurs in the digital business world and on their way to online business optimization through his bestselling book, The 4-Hour workweek. In this podcast, you’ll find an eclectic mix of strategies that have influenced many of the world’s most successful people. And you’re sure to learn a few hacks in life efficiency along the way.

If you want to emulate a personal growth mindset through a diverse range of the world’s top performers, then listen to this podcast. Entrepreneurial success encompasses a holistic way of being. This is one of the entrepreneur podcasts that deconstructs those tactics, habits, and routines that will make you a better overall entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders – hosted by Sara Menker and Hans Tung

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders - entrepreneur podcasts

Sara Menker, the founder of AI company Gro Intelligence, and Hans Tung of Venture Capital firm GGV Capital host this podcast. Built around ideas and inspiration from Stanford University and largely tech-based, this podcast also features thought leadership on global sustainability in various industries.

Check out this podcast if you want to learn about the many ways disruptive ideas are changing our world. Episodes will provide insights on developing, launching, and scaling a tech-based company successfully. And if you’re not sure what VC investors are looking for in a fledgling tech start-up, then listen in here as well. Experienced entrepreneurs and innovators share their experiences. 

Interpersonal Skills

When it comes to interpersonal or entrepreneurial skills, we focus on what applies to your leadership style, including decision-making, communication, and even networking. 

These three entrepreneur podcasts will help you develop the skillset you need to be an effective leader and work with other people to help you scale your business. 

The Gary Vee Audio Experience – hosted by Gary Vee

The Gary Vee Audio Experience - entrepreneur podcasts

Gary Vaynerchuk, the serial entrepreneur and CEO of VaynerMedia, hosts his very own podcast with his name within the brand. Listen for trends, patterns, and handy tools to influence marketing and consumer behavior. Want to know what’s next in culture, brand relevance, and the online business world? 

Listen to this podcast if you want to get deep into the weeds of your business brand marketing. If you’re looking to make your brand stand out from the crowd and want to know what consumers are thinking – and reacting to, then this is the one for you. 

Smart Passive Income – hosted by Pat Flynn

Smart Passive Income - entrepreneur podcasts

If you’re interested in online monetization and marketing, this podcast features content, training, and resources to help build a successful and thriving online business. Host Pat Flynn has been successfully podcasting since 2010. So, he probably knows a thing or two.

If you want to learn how to maximize your online passive income opportunities, this podcast is perfect for you. Passive income works behind the scenes and can earn you pay while you sleep. However, it takes strategy, dedicated work, and constant evaluation to make sure it all works correctly. 

HBR Ideacast. (The Harvard Business Review podcast) – hosted by Alison Beard and Curt Nickish

HBR Ideacast - entrepreneur podcasts

This podcast is somewhat a giant in the audio world. The Harvard Business Review podcast is hosted by Alison Beard and Curt Nicklish. It’s thought leadership and leadership on a grand scale.

This podcast will help you to become a more effective leader within your business. Exercising effective thought leadership will enhance every other entrepreneurial skill available. In addition, it will encourage positive communication and influence within your team members and those outside partners you interact with.

Practical Skills

Last but not least, we put together a few entrepreneur podcasts that tackle business skills with more practical aspects: marketing, business development, acquisitions and mergers, exit strategies, etc. These skills make up an integral part of any business focused on lasting growth. 

Of course, more than just these three entrepreneur podcasts cover these topics. But we picked the ones that offer a diverse list of episodes where every entrepreneur can find something to their liking. 

Entrepreneurs On Fire – hosted by John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneurs On Fire - entrepreneur podcasts

This podcast features one interview with an inspiring entrepreneur and their growth strategies seven days per week, every week. Hosted by John Lee Dumas, or JLD, an ex-military soldier from Maine, who broke free from the uninspiring corporate finance industry into podcasting. Which makes his story pretty inspiring on its own.  

Listen to this podcast if you’re a heavy commuter who likes their entrepreneurship served seven days a week. With a daily episode of growth and marketing strategies, there’s a ton of value here. For those interested in starting a podcast of their own, there are also valuable resources to be found here.

Masters Of Scale – hosted by Reid Hoffman

Masters of Scale - entrepreneur podcasts

The co-founder of LinkedIn has a podcast with a different and unique take on entrepreneurial growth. Episodes feature a variety of CEO and business leaders. In each episode, Reid Hoffman compares his business theories with his guest, as they set out to describe and prove a theory on how leading and iconic entrepreneurs created phenomenal growth in their companies. In addition, each episode delves into Reid’s approach and whether it holds up and offers any merit related to a company’s growth?

Listen to this podcast if you like a business whodunnit. It is a more psychological take on how successful entrepreneurs took bold ideas and scaled their businesses to great heights. If you’re interested in turning ideas, frameworks, and blueprints into scaleable action, this is the one for you. 

This Week In Startups – hosted by Jason Calacanis

This Week In Startups - entrepreneur podcasts

This is the podcast to subscribe to for all things technology and innovation-focused in the ever-evolving start-up world. Hosted by technology entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, this podcast covers your Silicon Valley fascination. In addition, they also discuss other up-to-date topics in innovation, crypto companies, markets, and business media.

If you want to learn about business growth in technology-based start-ups and strategies for starting your own tech company, check out this podcast. This podcast will keep you up to date with innovations in the start-up industry and could spark new ideas to implement yourself. 

Enjoy 3-in-1 entrepreneurship podcast

Beyond 8 Figures - entrepreneur podcasts

Yes, we are talking about Beyond 8 Figures podcast – it combines all three topics mentioned before. Using Deliberate Entrepreneurship and aspiration of entrepreneurial success as its core message, it focuses on helping mid-journey entrepreneurs find insights and inspiration to become better at what they do. 

Listen to it to get business insights from entrepreneurs all over the world sharing their real-life experiences of starting and scaling businesses. Learn how to stay dedicated on your entrepreneurial journey and set up yourself and your company for lasting success. 

What entrepreneur podcasts should you listen to next?

Podcasts are an amazing learning resource for busy entrepreneurs looking to enhance their skills and knowledge. With their convenient format and personal touch, they offer valuable insights that can be easily integrated into your daily routine.

The beauty of podcasts is in their diversity. No matter your niche or specific interests, there’s bound to be a podcast that caters to your needs. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, practical tips, or industry-specific insights, the vast array of podcast options ensures that you’ll find something that resonates with you.

From stories of entrepreneurial success to practical advice on leadership and marketing, podcasts offer a wealth of information presented in an engaging and accessible format. They provide an opportunity to learn from experts and thought leaders, all while going about your day-to-day activities.

So, if you’re looking to level up your entrepreneurial game, consider incorporating podcasts into your learning routine. With their versatility and abundance of content, they serve as a valuable tool for personal and professional growth. Take advantage of this resource, and let the knowledge and inspiration found in podcasts propel you towards your entrepreneurial goals.