Kickstart Your New Year with Business Resolutions

2023 is almost over, and we couldn’t be more excited! In the spirit of the New Year, we reached out to some of our remarkable guests and asked them about their business resolutions and goals for 2024. They responded with some truly inspiring nuggets of wisdom!

As you write your own New Year resolutions, we want to help inspire you to pursue your dreams and set achievable goals for the year ahead. So, here are some motivational words from our podcast guests. Enjoy!


“Embrace the unexpected” – Lilia Stoyanov

We had the pleasure of featuring Lilia Stoyanov in one of the most educational episodes on our podcast – “Stay Motivated with Clear Goals.” Lilia is an influential figure in business, and she stands as a shining beacon of the power of setting clear goals. 

For 2024, Lilia remains focused on her clear goals strategy to drive Transformify to new heights while continuing her passionate investment in compelling start-ups. Here’s what she shared when we asked her about her resolutions:

“New Year’s Eve won’t be the same without challenging goals, right? If in 2023 Transformify (TFY) managed to achieve 2.5x revenue and profit growth, then in 2024, we shall be able to at least double it. If in 2023 the destiny challenged all biases and predispositions I’d been carrying with me for the major part of my life, then in 2024 it is time for new paradigms, new horizons, and new friends. 

2023 was the year that made me embrace the unexpected in all aspects of life. As stressful as it was at times, it made me realize that change is to be appreciated, no matter how unexpected it is.”

“Keep innovating” – Amit Garg

Another phenomenal guest who joined us on our podcast was Amit Garg in an incredibly insightful episode titled “Aligning Business Goals and Purpose.” Amit is a seasoned entrepreneur as well as a venture capitalist, currently serving as the co-founder and managing partner at TAU Ventures. His commitment to helping startups take shape and realize their potential truly sets him apart in Silicon Valley.

For 2024, Amit intends to further this philosophy, fostering more ventures that not only turn profitable but also make a marked difference in the community. Here’s his short and sweet resolution:

“AI allows us to build things faster, cheaper and better, whether it be computer vision to detect cancer or machine learning to do drug discovery. I see the inexorable force of progress and innovation continuing in 2024 and hope to do my part towards it.” 

“Continue pushing boundaries” – Kirk Michie

We had the pleasure of hosting the insightful Kirk Michie on our podcast during the impactful episode, “The 6 Key Steps to Selling a Business.” As the Founder and Managing Partner of Candor Advisors, Kirk provides transaction advisory services to thriving founder-led businesses. His career spans over 30 years, laden with accomplishments in strategic planning, investment, and legacy preservation.

Kirk has managed over $1 billion in capital allocation and assessed over 2,000 direct investments. His expertise doesn’t stop there. He also established EBITDA University, offering learning programs about selling businesses.

In 2024, Kirk plans to continue guiding business owners, entrepreneurs, and high-net-worth families through complex financial decisions. He also aims to expand his educational arm, EBITDA University, to help more entrepreneurs successfully navigate the process of selling their businesses. Check out his goals for the upcoming year:

“At a company level for Candor Advisors, we’d like to get at least 4 more founders to great outcomes on the sale of their businesses and take our deal activity over $1B for the cumulative 36 months between 2021-2023!

We also plan to increase the team by 50% and further professionalize our own business in line with our guidance to clients.

On our other business, EBITDA University, we’d like to enroll at least 200 founders in the Ignite program, at least 50 in the Stimulate course, and 25 in the Accelerate curriculum.

On a personal level, I’d like to keep reducing my biological age with my diet and exercise discipline and my functional medicine team, and I’d like to work from at least 3 other locations for at least 1 week at a time in 2024, along with spending another week at the Modern Elder Academy, returning to Europe in the Summer, and getting to Pebble Beach and the big island of Hawaii as well.”


Let’s continue to grow together in 2024

It’s truly been a great year for everyone at Beyond 8 Figures, and we enjoyed every interview and episode over these past 12 months. We hope you did, too! We’re now happy to look ahead and embrace the challenges and opportunities that 2024 has to offer. Drawing inspiration from our incredible podcast guests, we encourage you to set clear goals, stay innovative, and keep pushing the boundaries in both your personal and professional life. 

We hope you’ll carry the wisdom and motivation shared by these remarkable entrepreneurs to help you chase your dreams and make 2024 a year of amazing achievements. Let’s continue to learn, grow, and succeed together!