$10.5M Exit- Mitch Russo, Timeslips Corporation

$10.5M Exit- Mitch Russo, Timeslips Corporation

September 17, 2018

In this episode of Beyond 8 Figures, Steve, Mary & Richard sit down with Mitch Russo founder of Timeslips Corporation who exited for 10.5 Million dollars.

Listen and find out what Mitch Russo learned as he grew Timeslips from a garage start-up of $10K to a 100 employee company that sold for $10.5 Mil. 


In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard and Mitch discuss:

  • How Timeslips Corp got started and the process for getting it off the ground
  • The importance of PR, Marketing, and Sales in the Technology Business
  • How and why the Timeslips Certified Consultant Program got started
  • Things Mitch learned from Timeslips Corp and how he is using them in his projects now

Key Takeaways:

  • Stay focused on your client’s needs, deliver it better than anyone else and you have to win.
  • Always ask yourself what can you sell next after you’ve made the first sale.
  • Figure out your vision, stay the course, but be willing to adapt.
  • It doesn’t happen the way you think it will. Learn from what didn’t work.

“How can we reinvent what we have to be something better, different, and serve a greater need?” — Mitch Russo


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