$100 Million Business | Marek Zmyslowski, Investing in Africa

$100 Million Business | Marek Zmyslowski, Investing in Africa

May 5, 2020

Joining us today is Marek Zmyslowski, a private investor, top 10 person in tech, and co-founder of Jumia Travel. In this episode, Marek shares his insights on the importance of having your hands in many things. He also discusses why you should explore various opportunities and diversify your ventures.

Get ready for an enlightening discussion that will inspire you to embrace a multi-faceted approach to business to unlock success.

About Marek Zmyslowski:

Marek Zmyslowski is a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of Jumia Travel and HotelOnline.co, Africa’s largest hotel booking portals. Recognized as one of the Ten Most Important People in Tech by IT News Africa Magazine, Marek serves as a Lead Mentor at Google’s Launchpad and the World Bank’s XL Africa Program. His hiring approach values individuals raised in challenging environments or those with a resilient spirit from overcoming adversity. Marek thrives in the early stages of business, focusing on ventures with exponential growth potential and continuously seeking the “unfair advantage.”

Marek shares his captivating journey of entrepreneurship and adventure in his memoir, “Chasing Black Unicorns“, where he offers valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of building a groundbreaking business in Africa, making it a must-read for business owners seeking inspiration from an extraordinary journey.

For a comprehensive book review, check out this page.

In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard, and Marek discuss:

  • You need to have your hands in many things
  • The further you are in business the more opportunities you have
  • Launched a new product in telemedicine in a few days
  • Always looking for the low hanging fruit

Key Takeaways:

  • More opportunities – more chances for success
  • Leverage relationships
  • Partner with the right people

Best Advice I Ever Received:

“Don’t listen to too much advice”

Best Advice I’d Give To Someone Who Wants To Build A $10m+ Business:

In order to get from $1 mIllion to $10 million, you will have to unlearn many things that got you from $0-$1 Million


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