$10M+ 2 Businesses – Susie Carder, CEO | SD Consulting

$10M+ 2 Businesses – Susie Carder, CEO | SD Consulting

April 7, 2020

Join us as we sit down with Susie Carder, a remarkable entrepreneur who has built two businesses exceeding $10 million in revenue. In this episode, we delve into her unique strategy of offering many services to fewer clients and uncover the benefits it can bring to your business growth.

Listen in as Susie shares so much great advice for serious entrepreneurs.

About Susie Carder:

Susie Carder started out as a low paid hairdresser trying to support her 2 little girls but working for someone else became a challenge (to say the least). Susie decided to do whatever it took to create her own business. After much blood sweat and tears (mixed with cheap mascara) according to Susie, she went on to create, not one, but two $10 Million companies!

As a serial entrepreneur, she is no stranger to starting and scaling. Susie has built and sold 9 businesses, two were good learning experiences and expensive hobbies and the other 7 were multiple millions of dollars in revenue and exit. The two $10 Million dollar businesses were her Spa and a Training and Development Company in the Spa Industry. The first person she always hired was an operations person, they are the foundation, how do we create a business that doesn’t rely on the super star or technician? She took Lisa Nichols company from $800,000 as Lisa Nichols to $10 Million as Motivating the Masses and as Lisa Nichols said, “Just do for me as you did for yourself” and that is how Susie built that business for her client.

In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard, and Susie discuss:

  • Make your clients chemically dependent on you, offer many services to fewer clients
  • What are the opportunities when you reinvent yourself from a super star in one industry to unknown in another?
  • How do you take a personal brand and scale?
  • 90% of Entrepreneurs are undercharging because they just make up the price, instead plan for the profit

Key Takeaways:

  • Can you rise above and launch in a recession?
  • How can I serve right now, what does the market need right now
  • Who is your Key Hire when starting and scaling

Best Advice I Ever Received:

Micheal Gerbers eMyth book says build it like you are going to sell it and that is exactly what she did


Best Advice I’d Give To Someone Who Wants To Build A $10m+ Business:

That there is a roadmap to building a 7-8 figure business. 88% of small business fail in the first 5 years, and only 1.7% of the businesses reach 1 million dollars in their business.


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