$30M in annual revenue – Mark Evans, American Wealth Builders, Cash Flow Lead Gen

$30M in annual revenue – Mark Evans, American Wealth Builders, Cash Flow Lead Gen

February 12, 2019

Mark Evans Owns American Wealth Builders And Cash Flow Lead Gen for More Than 30 Million Dollars
Mark Evans shares a rags to riches adventure in building a real estate empire.

Best Advice I Ever Received

You don’t need to know/do everything.


Best Advice I’d Give To Someone Who Wants To Build A $10m+ Business

Find the who to do the how.


In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard, and Mark discuss:

  • Getting your start in the real estate business and real estate marketing.
  • Taking risks to gain opportunities that can grow your business.
  • How the power of decision making can make or break your business.
  • The effects of online marketing for your business.



Key Takeaways:

  • You don’t have to know everything and be an expert to learn and succeed.
  • Anyone can get started in creating a business, regardless of your background.
  • Making the right decisions is much bigger than just what is right for your business. Your business can only succeed if you are living your values.
  • Learning when to exit can start early in the stages of a business, or later when the business has fledged.


“Let’s make an impact.” — Mark Evans


About Mark Evans

 They all laughed at him, but now look who’s laughing…

No one thought Mark Evans would graduate from high school. Even his teachers thought he should probably just try to pass and then get a minimum wage job.

But Mark had different plans for his life! He started his first business (a real estate company) at 18, then acquired another company shortly after.

He learned on the fly and, after nearly sending one of his companies into bankruptcy, he started or acquired multiple cash-flowing businesses over the years. Not surprisingly, his friends and coaching students call him “The DM” (which stands for “The Deal-Maker”).

But don’t mistake Mark for just another cliché burnt-out entrepreneur with a huge portfolio of businesses but no time to enjoy the reward.

After starting or acquiring multiple businesses, Mark realized that he wanted to enjoy a life and lifestyle that few entrepreneurs had time to enjoy. Mark taught himself the power of building a “virtual” business (meaning: he could run his businesses from anywhere). That’s why his friends and coaching students also call him “The DN” (which stands for “The Digital Nomad”).

Whether he’s sipping an ice cold beer on a Caribbean beach or walking the famous Camino de Santiago or riding on the back of an elephant in India, he’s also running two 8-figure businesses.

How does he do it? It’s simple: Mark combines systems and a team and emphasizes “data, not drama” in his approach to running his businesses.

The DM is also a 9 time bestselling author and the author of the new book 10 Minute Business Owner; he’s the creator of innovative, cutting-edge software; he’s an expert in teaching business owners how to automate and scale their business; and he coaches business owners around the world on how he runs two 8-figure businesses with his 10 Minute Business Owner strategy.

He has a straight-talk, no-BS approach to sharing everything he knows about business and about building multiple streams of passive income from anywhere in the world. His legion of loyal students know that he teaches the very strategies that he, himself, uses day-in and day-out to do his deals.

Mark Evans DM, DN also gives back. All money earned on the sale of his books is donated to charitable foundations, and Mark regularly gives away fully refinished and furnished houses to homeless veterans.

To his friends, his students, and even to those who didn’t think he’d graduate from high school, The DM says: “I’ve only just started… You should see what I’ve got planned next!“


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